friend pop ups

i love friend pop ups. what is a friend pop up you ask? a friend pop up is when you're going about your life, doing your thang when one of your favorite peoples pops up unexpectantly.

today was a good day. i went to work, found out my gal pal plans had dropped due to the flu and so decided i could afford to work late and get some projects knocked out. did that, then hit the gym, rocked that ish out and felt brave and strong enough to enter target post work out. i was in the store i adore, minding my own when a strange and wild young boy came sliding up beside me. of course i wasn't trying to pay attention to a crazy dude so it took me a bit to figure out that the woman laughing at me and the boy was in fact b. we see each other every single frickin day but it still tickles our funny bones when we run into each other by accident.

( side note: i totally saw her car in the parking lot but i was looking for her FBG car sticker and didn't see it due to a seatbelt...we're both rockin the stickers yo!)

so does anyone else have a soft spot for friend pop ups? i luv 'em. they're up there with trips to my favorite yogurt spot, new shoes (um i have a huge arse foot so this is always a special treat!) and money found in the street...

i mention the last part because b totally walked in my fortune path today. she scoped a five dollar bill in front of me and took off like a serious CRAZY fool after the darn thing lol. she totally made my day with that move.

special was filled with the wonderful darlings. life seriously just rocks when you start to pick out the good stuff.



  1. Yay for FBG stickers!

    And "pop-ups" is the perfect name for that. Love em!!!

    (And wish I could run into you two!!!)


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