destination dc

there are many things i must do to prepare for my upcoming trip to d.c:

j and i always travel for one of our birthdays. this trip happens to fall in her birthday month so shopping for a gift is a must. gotta plan appropriate & warm know get the suitcase and fun maker stuff ready.

tonight is reserved for one thing though my's all about the playlist for the trip. i've spent entirely too long selecting tunage but it was totally worth it. a good playlist can set things in motion...this one captures the excitement and good stuff in the air:

feel free to bite...we can jam simultaneously : )

I Be Blowin De la Soul (blowing this popsicle stand that is!)

Everything Man Talib Kweli (for our darling president)

Let The River Run Carly Simon (inspirational song for any chick out there workin' like a slave)

Politik Coldplay (needs no explanation)

Dream Alice Smith (ditto)

For What It's Worth Buffalo Springfield (there's something happening here...)

Talkin' Bout A Revolution Tracy Chapman (well i am!)

It's a New Day (obvious choice)

Dreams The Cranberries (another ditto)

Go ! Common (another travel duh)

1st Of Tha Month Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (may not be the first of the month but the alarm clock at the beginning will be great for my 6 am flight sunday morning)

Waiting In Vain Bob Marley & The Wailers (we've waited long enough!)

All Is Full of Love Björk (nuther ditto)

Come Rain Or Come Shine Billie Holiday (the attitude to have!)

Lovely Day Bill Withers (every playlist that deals with anything happy should list this one!)

Halo Beyoncé (obama = saint...yes i think he's the ish)

Here Comes The Sun The Beatles (hopefully i see lots of this in d.c. i'm an la girl now. i need it)

I'm With You Avril Lavigne (i just love special meanings lol)

Money, Power & Respect (Featuring DMX & Lil' Kim) The L.O.X. (a little gangsta luv)

The Dream Keeper: Dreams; Water-Front Street; Long Trip Langston Hughes (n.d.)

Superstar (Live) Lupe Fiasco (you are what you say you are...)

Do Something Macy Gray (who knew macy would have say something deep)

Work that Mary J Blige (the theme for the trip...workin the joy in my life OUT!)

Slow Down Morcheeba (sleeping on the plane)

Umi Says Mos Def (shine your light on the world!)

Mahna Mahna The Muppets (what most politicians sound like)

If I Ruled The World Nas (n.d.)

Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair (Jaffa Remix) Nina Simone (did you know i crushed on the prez?)

I've Got Dreams To Remember Otis Redding (i've got dreams of living my life to the fullest!)

Million Faces Paolo Nutini (my prediction for tuesday the 21st)

Dear Mr. Man Prince (tell 'em king of purple!)

Under Pressure Queen (fitting, no?)

Today Smashing Pumpkins (is the greatest...)

Overjoyed Stevie Wonder (n.d.)

Beautiful Day U2 (n.d.)

Juicy Biggie!!! (timely since the movie comes out this was all a dream anyways, right?)

oscar junior is a happy little ipod.


  1. Yes!!!! I wish we were flying out on the same plane. We could jam together first thing!

    This is gonna be so fun!!!

  2. You should publish that on itunes as an 'imix'. I'm thoroughly impressed. :)

    I spent about 2 hours last week picking/buying songs to ski to. Skiing + ipod = LOVE.


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