2009 Inauguration: And I Was There

time is fluid right now. the whole week has felt that way actually. everything's surreal and dreamlike but whether it feels real or not it's 7 pm la time and barack h. obama is our president....that just feels good to type.

j and i both agreed at 5 am east coast time this morning that this was THE most important moment we have ever shared together. i am so very proud of us for booking tickets and going to d.c. for this historical event. it changed me. i don't know who i am 100% but i do know there's a hopeful audacious prideful beaming woman in me that wasn't there before.

from the moment this trip began i could see that life would never be the same. i saw people at the airport...all of them beaming with the same excitement for a dream we never thought would come true.

day one: Everything Happens For a Reason

depending on la traffic and colorful la peeps to get you to the airport can be a hairy pickle. due to a bus driver clearly practicing for his zen "take life slow" test, a weird crazy lady who didn't know which terminal she was supposed to be at and bunk united airlines security i missed my 6:15 am flight sunday morning. yes, i was a bit grouchy due to this fact but like a trooper i hauled my belongings to the next flight gate to get on a standby. unfortunately i encountered the most evil ticket lady i've ever met. not only did she force me to step out of line (dirty standby people!) she then told a woman willing to give me her seat that the flight wasn't full and she could proceed to board. i assumed that meant i could go as well but noooooo. the heifa stopped me and told me the flight was full. :(

i ended up crying my eyes out to a customer service rep (acting is a beautiful thang) and getting a kick arse direct flight directly into baltimore which arrived 20 minutes later than my original 6am'er. (oh yeah!) while waiting for this totally wicked flight i bumped into fat's younger brother anthony...at that point i knew life was what it was supposed to be. he also was going to the inauguration and like me and every other minority boarding, was searched "randomly" by the security. it's better to swallow such nonsense when you're with fam :)

i arrived and ran to baggage where my lovely best friend was waiting with open arms. we hugged, opened birthday gifts and then caught a ride with the boy i almost married once a long time ago. yeah you heard me right...THE ex was in town randomly so he picked us all up, we dropped anthony at his hotel and then the rest of us went to a great little restaurant near the airport that served AMAZING crab cakes (that's what maryland is known for now). we caught up...laughed a whole bunch and then drove into d.c. to stay with j's bud lizzie.

day 2: ooka ahka larty, you know you wanna party

by this point i'm exhausted. it's monday morning. clearly it's east coast time and i'm clearly on la time but the spirit of what was to come popped me out of bed and into the streets with the gang to go grab inauguration tickets. we hopped on the metro at the shaw/howard university stop and giggled with lizzie, her husband and her buds all the way to the land of politicians. while the d.c. natives stood in line for tickets, j and i took it to the streets. we went to d.c.'s union station, had coffee and hung out amongst the throngs of obama lovers soaking it all up. later that day we had an obama party back at the house. we sipped blue hawaiians, ate hawaiian pizza & capitol shaped cookies and watched politically inspired movies (american president and mr smith goes to washington). it was a fun day.

day 3: THE DAY

in auguruation day, jan 20, 2009 began at 4:30 am east coast time. all of d.c. was warned that the transportation systems were a no no so the people, all the wonderful beautiful people took it to the streets. we started walking at 5. 3 miles later we were standing at our spot to watch. j and i waited until 9:30 am in a cluster of a good thousand folks anxious for the security point to open and let us. we all chanted and laughed, shivered our freaking arses off and clung together in anticipation. sadly at 9:30 we found out that our entrance was the only one that would not open due to some sort of water main break (of course!) so j and i turned around, grabbed some hot coffee and giggled home so we could still see him actually speak. yeah it was a bit sad to watch it on tv but on the streets of howard university's neighborhoods we skipped and smiled, waved at the freaked out mum-faced d.c. natives and felt good spreading our seeds of happiness lol. i don't think people were ready for the goofy twins. i skipped ya'll...yes. i did.

we heard obama had gone to ben's chili bowl earlier so we stopped in (it was the one time the lines weren't around the block!) and grabbed some chili dogs (veggie chili mmm mmm good!). we had time to eat & de-ice ourselves before he began and then we sat together (by this time liz and her hubby were back too from not being able to get into their area either) and watched as obama was sworn in. we cried and clapped, yelled and prayed...it was one of those moments in life i will never forget.

afterwards we discussed the roberts' gufaw heard round the world and took naps. that night we all got dressed and met up with my email boyfriend and his best friend in silver springs and ate at a restaurant called ceviche. i guess the last time e.b. had been to this place he suggested his hair caught on fire...if your hair catches on fire and you STILL come back you know it's good.

we drank good drinks, ate some interestingly expensive columbian food and laughed our behinds off getting to know each other (i had never met him before...lol. i'm weird like that)

ice cream at a gas station followed and then the night was over. it had all happened so very fast.

day 4: Going Home
today j and i woke at 4:45 am, caught the metro which took us to a bus, which took us to the airport...we said quick goodbyes and parted ways. i spent the whole day in airports (four hour layover in chicago!) processing what i had just done...what i had just saw and what i felt from it all. i journaled for an hour, read the special life magazine edition of obama's life and spoke with others who had gone to the event.

there was a group of kids from hawaii who got to perform for mr president (his high school actually) who sat beside me on one plane as well as grandmas & grandpas, old & young who had stories of their own to tell about the day.

i dont' know if i did a good job explaining what the day actually did for me. he's so much more than a president. the people i saw in those crowds were proof that the man is doing some amazing things to our hearts and minds. change is gonna come. heck! it's HERE!

side note: It Ain't Over until the Skinny Lady Wines

my agent called to tell me i had been specifically requested to audition for a movie called "helium man"...on TUESDAY (INAUGURATION DAY!). i wanted to beat my agent once again. i had sent an email (which they responded to and confirmed) stating i would be out of town and they still managed to jack up an opportunity again...sigh lol. i spoke to the casting director and told her where i was. she screamed in the phone and told me i was awesome. she thanked me for my notice and that was that...i'm hoping if they wanted to see me that bad they'll make a deal with my agent...maybe, hopefully? i'm gonna call tomorrow and see what i can cook up :)

it's a new day folks...a brand new day of a brand new era and i'm in love with it all.

check out the videos. (pictures will be posted tomorrow...i have no more energy) lol

(note: please excuse our date blooper in this video...our brains were numb. it was actually jan 20th)


  1. This was great!!! You totally got into the play-by-play, so I added to my post that people should read yours. And I'm SO glad you braved giving your fingers frostbite to take video when we were out there. Totally worth it. :)

    (And for the Kodak thing, I just used the link that they send out in the "Share with your friends" e-mail.)

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay!!! I'm so glad that you guys could come up and here experience a little slice of history, regardless of where you ended up being (my couch, that is!)... Such good times!

    Obama is our President! Woo hoo!!!


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