tickle scalper

so i was on the treadmill today (week 3 has begun. ran 3.5 miles!!!) and watching the tv in front of my noggin. i was just thinking nothing interesting ever comes on the darn news when a caption boo boo sent me snorting my little head off with laughs.

the news story was about ticket scalpers but instead the caption read "the academy awards committee is cracking down on tickle scalpers". now wouldn't that be a great job?! i want to steal tickles for a living...live on the black market of giggles. why not.

sometimes it's the "oopsies" that delight us most in life, don't you agree?

on a completely different note, j and i were discussing people or circumstances at our jobs that annoy us to no end. i asked for permission to slap on sight. to lighten the mood she told me about how this guy at her work totally made her day by sharing a nugget of knowledge with her. he said that the year of 28 ( j and i both turn 28 years old this year) is the "return of saturn"...which means....are you ready for this? the universe has to say "yes" to anything you ask It. so if you come up with questions you want a yes to they will all be answered with an emphatic yes.

HOT DOG! that's the best news i've heard today! how lucky are we?! if you happen to be turning 28 or are about to turn 28 heed saturn's good fortune. ask questions you want yes answers to.

will i become a serious professional actress this year universe? YES!
will i continue to find the joy in all things tishy? YES!
will i continue to be a running rockstar? YES!

does anyone else love this game as much as i do? i'm asking you all that. not the universe : )

i haven't blogged as much since my return from the land of peace (aka d.c. circa inauguration day)...my bad. training and work have left me a blob of sleepy but i'm still chuggin away at finding my joy every day. sometimes it's a late bloomer but i've been finding it : )

moral for today's blog: be on the lookout for the joys, inspirations & nuggets of wisdom in the little points of your day. ya dig it?

pics for obama

click here for pics. hopefully this works. j showed me how to do it : )

j posted some betta ones. check out here blog at http://jennipher-is-phbalanced.blogspot.com/

enjoy! : )

2009 Inauguration: And I Was There

time is fluid right now. the whole week has felt that way actually. everything's surreal and dreamlike but whether it feels real or not it's 7 pm la time and barack h. obama is our president....that just feels good to type.

j and i both agreed at 5 am east coast time this morning that this was THE most important moment we have ever shared together. i am so very proud of us for booking tickets and going to d.c. for this historical event. it changed me. i don't know who i am 100% but i do know there's a hopeful audacious prideful beaming woman in me that wasn't there before.

from the moment this trip began i could see that life would never be the same. i saw people at the airport...all of them beaming with the same excitement for a dream we never thought would come true.

day one: Everything Happens For a Reason

depending on la traffic and colorful la peeps to get you to the airport can be a hairy pickle. due to a bus driver clearly practicing for his zen "take life slow" test, a weird crazy lady who didn't know which terminal she was supposed to be at and bunk united airlines security i missed my 6:15 am flight sunday morning. yes, i was a bit grouchy due to this fact but like a trooper i hauled my belongings to the next flight gate to get on a standby. unfortunately i encountered the most evil ticket lady i've ever met. not only did she force me to step out of line (dirty standby people!) she then told a woman willing to give me her seat that the flight wasn't full and she could proceed to board. i assumed that meant i could go as well but noooooo. the heifa stopped me and told me the flight was full. :(

i ended up crying my eyes out to a customer service rep (acting is a beautiful thang) and getting a kick arse direct flight directly into baltimore which arrived 20 minutes later than my original 6am'er. (oh yeah!) while waiting for this totally wicked flight i bumped into fat's younger brother anthony...at that point i knew life was what it was supposed to be. he also was going to the inauguration and like me and every other minority boarding, was searched "randomly" by the security. it's better to swallow such nonsense when you're with fam :)

i arrived and ran to baggage where my lovely best friend was waiting with open arms. we hugged, opened birthday gifts and then caught a ride with the boy i almost married once a long time ago. yeah you heard me right...THE ex was in town randomly so he picked us all up, we dropped anthony at his hotel and then the rest of us went to a great little restaurant near the airport that served AMAZING crab cakes (that's what maryland is known for now). we caught up...laughed a whole bunch and then drove into d.c. to stay with j's bud lizzie.

day 2: ooka ahka larty, you know you wanna party

by this point i'm exhausted. it's monday morning. clearly it's east coast time and i'm clearly on la time but the spirit of what was to come popped me out of bed and into the streets with the gang to go grab inauguration tickets. we hopped on the metro at the shaw/howard university stop and giggled with lizzie, her husband and her buds all the way to the land of politicians. while the d.c. natives stood in line for tickets, j and i took it to the streets. we went to d.c.'s union station, had coffee and hung out amongst the throngs of obama lovers soaking it all up. later that day we had an obama party back at the house. we sipped blue hawaiians, ate hawaiian pizza & capitol shaped cookies and watched politically inspired movies (american president and mr smith goes to washington). it was a fun day.

day 3: THE DAY

in auguruation day, jan 20, 2009 began at 4:30 am east coast time. all of d.c. was warned that the transportation systems were a no no so the people, all the wonderful beautiful people took it to the streets. we started walking at 5. 3 miles later we were standing at our spot to watch. j and i waited until 9:30 am in a cluster of a good thousand folks anxious for the security point to open and let us. we all chanted and laughed, shivered our freaking arses off and clung together in anticipation. sadly at 9:30 we found out that our entrance was the only one that would not open due to some sort of water main break (of course!) so j and i turned around, grabbed some hot coffee and giggled home so we could still see him actually speak. yeah it was a bit sad to watch it on tv but on the streets of howard university's neighborhoods we skipped and smiled, waved at the freaked out mum-faced d.c. natives and felt good spreading our seeds of happiness lol. i don't think people were ready for the goofy twins. i skipped ya'll...yes. i did.

we heard obama had gone to ben's chili bowl earlier so we stopped in (it was the one time the lines weren't around the block!) and grabbed some chili dogs (veggie chili mmm mmm good!). we had time to eat & de-ice ourselves before he began and then we sat together (by this time liz and her hubby were back too from not being able to get into their area either) and watched as obama was sworn in. we cried and clapped, yelled and prayed...it was one of those moments in life i will never forget.

afterwards we discussed the roberts' gufaw heard round the world and took naps. that night we all got dressed and met up with my email boyfriend and his best friend in silver springs and ate at a restaurant called ceviche. i guess the last time e.b. had been to this place he suggested his hair caught on fire...if your hair catches on fire and you STILL come back you know it's good.

we drank good drinks, ate some interestingly expensive columbian food and laughed our behinds off getting to know each other (i had never met him before...lol. i'm weird like that)

ice cream at a gas station followed and then the night was over. it had all happened so very fast.

day 4: Going Home
today j and i woke at 4:45 am, caught the metro which took us to a bus, which took us to the airport...we said quick goodbyes and parted ways. i spent the whole day in airports (four hour layover in chicago!) processing what i had just done...what i had just saw and what i felt from it all. i journaled for an hour, read the special life magazine edition of obama's life and spoke with others who had gone to the event.

there was a group of kids from hawaii who got to perform for mr president (his high school actually) who sat beside me on one plane as well as grandmas & grandpas, old & young who had stories of their own to tell about the day.

i dont' know if i did a good job explaining what the day actually did for me. he's so much more than a president. the people i saw in those crowds were proof that the man is doing some amazing things to our hearts and minds. change is gonna come. heck! it's HERE!

side note: It Ain't Over until the Skinny Lady Wines

my agent called to tell me i had been specifically requested to audition for a movie called "helium man"...on TUESDAY (INAUGURATION DAY!). i wanted to beat my agent once again. i had sent an email (which they responded to and confirmed) stating i would be out of town and they still managed to jack up an opportunity again...sigh lol. i spoke to the casting director and told her where i was. she screamed in the phone and told me i was awesome. she thanked me for my notice and that was that...i'm hoping if they wanted to see me that bad they'll make a deal with my agent...maybe, hopefully? i'm gonna call tomorrow and see what i can cook up :)

it's a new day folks...a brand new day of a brand new era and i'm in love with it all.

check out the videos. (pictures will be posted tomorrow...i have no more energy) lol

(note: please excuse our date blooper in this video...our brains were numb. it was actually jan 20th)

i can feel it in the air

there's nothing like waking up at 3:30 am to embark upon the ultimate trip. i'm going to dc baby!!!

i'm almost packed and ready to go. i think i'm still in shock a bit that i'm about to witness one of (if not the most) important moments in history. it's bananas i say.

i'll be on my own for most of the day. i don't meet up with j until we're actually both in baltimore waiting for my email boyfriend at the curb. i can't wait i can't wait. i don't even know if sleeping will happen today.

once we land we're gonna go grab something quick to eat with my main world wide web man and then he's dropping us off in dc so that we can attend this lovely party with the gang. fall out boy and TI will be there...if the arctic blasts weren't gonna be meeting us there i'd say this would probably be a perfect day trip.

there's an energy i can't put my finger on. everything's right with the world. it's great to be alive. it's great to have friends and it's great to have a president that makes you want to travel for 7 hours, thousands of miles just to sit in a million plus crowd and feel.

"i can feel it in the air...i can feel it in my soul"

revolutionary road

is anyone out there a fan of ayn rand? i am, which surprises quite a few people. her philosophy doesn't really match well with the majority of my liberal views but i get what she's trying to say. i just find that in the philosophy's purity, it's unrealistic.

the same applies to this movie i just saw, "revolutionary road". i got the point...i just don't know if anything is looked at with that detail...or maybe i'm just too afraid to go there. i don't know but either way this movie produced some uncomfortable thoughts...

i think i could relate a little too much to kate winslet's character. if you've seen the movie we'll have to talk offline. i have to share some of this ish or i'll go insane. sigh...

it's scary hearing someone say the words you've said before....or hear the words you've feared thinking before.

what a day. i told a boy that was kind and sweet that i didnt' want to date him although he got an E for effort. (not really in a dating mood). i experienced another round of layoffs at my job. got so scared about the state of the economy i secretly promised i'd start considering marriage in the near future just to 'save' myself...and then saw this movie. lol...all thoughts, all conclusions all everything is out the door. lol i give up. i ran three miles today. i lifted weights and now feel like my body was pounded by a jackhammer. i laughed a bunch. cried twice. ate an apple and that's the way my day has been...a series of ups and downs, followed by a very thought provoking movie that may or may not save my love life and now a nice blog before bed.

too bad i had to give up drinking on school nights...tonight definitely would have deserved a glass of wine.

the crazy thing is...through all of it i still don't feel like my day was crazy bad. go figure.

destination dc

there are many things i must do to prepare for my upcoming trip to d.c:

j and i always travel for one of our birthdays. this trip happens to fall in her birthday month so shopping for a gift is a must. gotta plan appropriate & warm attire...you know get the suitcase and fun maker stuff ready.

tonight is reserved for one thing though my friends...it's all about the playlist for the trip. i've spent entirely too long selecting tunage but it was totally worth it. a good playlist can set things in motion...this one captures the excitement and good stuff in the air:

feel free to bite...we can jam simultaneously : )

I Be Blowin De la Soul (blowing this popsicle stand that is!)

Everything Man Talib Kweli (for our darling president)

Let The River Run Carly Simon (inspirational song for any chick out there workin' like a slave)

Politik Coldplay (needs no explanation)

Dream Alice Smith (ditto)

For What It's Worth Buffalo Springfield (there's something happening here...)

Talkin' Bout A Revolution Tracy Chapman (well i am!)

It's a New Day will.i.am (obvious choice)

Dreams The Cranberries (another ditto)

Go ! Common (another travel duh)

1st Of Tha Month Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (may not be the first of the month but the alarm clock at the beginning will be great for my 6 am flight sunday morning)

Waiting In Vain Bob Marley & The Wailers (we've waited long enough!)

All Is Full of Love Björk (nuther ditto)

Come Rain Or Come Shine Billie Holiday (the attitude to have!)

Lovely Day Bill Withers (every playlist that deals with anything happy should list this one!)

Halo Beyoncé (obama = saint...yes i think he's the ish)

Here Comes The Sun The Beatles (hopefully i see lots of this in d.c. i'm an la girl now. i need it)

I'm With You Avril Lavigne (i just love her...no special meanings lol)

Money, Power & Respect (Featuring DMX & Lil' Kim) The L.O.X. (a little gangsta luv)

The Dream Keeper: Dreams; Water-Front Street; Long Trip Langston Hughes (n.d.)

Superstar (Live) Lupe Fiasco (you are what you say you are...)

Do Something Macy Gray (who knew macy would have say something deep)

Work that Mary J Blige (the theme for the trip...workin the joy in my life OUT!)

Slow Down Morcheeba (sleeping on the plane)

Umi Says Mos Def (shine your light on the world!)

Mahna Mahna The Muppets (what most politicians sound like)

If I Ruled The World Nas (n.d.)

Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair (Jaffa Remix) Nina Simone (did you know i crushed on the prez?)

I've Got Dreams To Remember Otis Redding (i've got dreams of living my life to the fullest!)

Million Faces Paolo Nutini (my prediction for tuesday the 21st)

Dear Mr. Man Prince (tell 'em king of purple!)

Under Pressure Queen (fitting, no?)

Today Smashing Pumpkins (is the greatest...)

Overjoyed Stevie Wonder (n.d.)

Beautiful Day U2 (n.d.)

Juicy Biggie!!! (timely since the movie comes out this friday...it was all a dream anyways, right?)

oscar junior is a happy little ipod.


i ran 2.3 miles!

this may sound like small potatoes to some of you exercise gurus out there but for a gal who's groove had gone goo that is flippin amazing!

i don't know if i mentioned or not but one of my best buds (j) is doing a half marathon and in support of her (and my heart) i decided i'd train with her. this is my first week and boy was i scared.

i officially got back in the gym last week to prepare: running and walking whenever i could.

this week though....ha ha HA! this week my friends i am a determined little beatle bug. there's this great site out there in the world wide web called www.fitbottomedgirls.com that's kicked me arse into gear. i put one of the site's logo stickers on my car and i have to see that thing every day when i drive into work. i have a picture sitting near my computer too...all that signage makes for good signs that i have to do this and make my fit bottom a reality. inspiration comes in the craziest of packages i tell ya.

day 2 complete. 3 miles...done. my body's starting to get a bit sore but i took an advil and plan to go to bed early. i'm gonna be the queen of the treadmill. just you wait!

the observatory

i had the best day yesterday hanging with b and her crazy kid, jay. the brilliant lady thought it might be cool to check out the observatory so we headed out and had a blast checking out la from above and learning about space. sometimes it's just great being a kid again. the best way to do that is to actually be around the little ones...lol live life and enjoy it the way they do...i let the boys take hold of my cam at times and create their own light art lol...after we conquered the stars we treated the guys to my favorite yogurt place...loved it all.

boys will be boys

quite a show

la at night

my new fav art projects...the guys helped

crazy cloud

we were creating monsters...we were fully aware of this

b &  i's are on the left...lol. kids in heaven

friend pop ups

i love friend pop ups. what is a friend pop up you ask? a friend pop up is when you're going about your life, doing your thang when one of your favorite peoples pops up unexpectantly.

today was a good day. i went to work, found out my gal pal plans had dropped due to the flu and so decided i could afford to work late and get some projects knocked out. did that, then hit the gym, rocked that ish out and felt brave and strong enough to enter target post work out. i was in the store i adore, minding my own when a strange and wild young boy came sliding up beside me. of course i wasn't trying to pay attention to a crazy dude so it took me a bit to figure out that the woman laughing at me and the boy was in fact b. we see each other every single frickin day but it still tickles our funny bones when we run into each other by accident.

(www.fitbottomedgirls.com side note: i totally saw her car in the parking lot but i was looking for her FBG car sticker and didn't see it due to a seatbelt...we're both rockin the stickers yo!)

so does anyone else have a soft spot for friend pop ups? i luv 'em. they're up there with trips to my favorite yogurt spot, new shoes (um i have a huge arse foot so this is always a special treat!) and money found in the street...

i mention the last part because b totally walked in my fortune path today. she scoped a five dollar bill in front of me and took off like a serious CRAZY fool after the darn thing lol. she totally made my day with that move.

special surprises...today was filled with the wonderful darlings. life seriously just rocks when you start to pick out the good stuff.



the movie "milk" was amazing. for some reason i thought it would be a really sad, doom & gloom event but it was a beautiful film.

we've come so far...and yet not. poignant...

d came over and watched it with me and we sat in the dark afterwards quietly for a good couple of seconds.

i love the entertainment industry. for every "dude where's my car" a film like this comes along and reminds us that images can move us and show us the way.

unexpected sheroes

for some reason i always assume my sheroes will come in an older package. at least older than me. i know...i'm still quite the naive one.

my darling kid sis decided she'd break the mold and become one of my favorite ladies in the world. she graduated from college, decided she needed a year off before grad school (the chick wants to study latin...), and is currently in south korea visiting friends and experiencing the world.

she just took life by the balls and started dancing to her own tune. i love that. it makes me happy to see girls living life and enjoying it the way my sis does. we are g chatting right now and she's telling me this story about a korean boy she's staying with. she brought him a watch and when he got it he started weeping he was so thankful...i don't know if it's estrogen overload for me but i got a little teary-eyed over that one. it really is the little things that count the most.

sheroes come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and suprisingly they live in the hearts of our kid sisters some times.

a mexico sunset

my beloved b is turning 30 this year folks and because that's a mile marker one should note she decided to go big.

big for b equaled a week or two in italy but unfortunately for the two of us we're not balling like that quite yet (lol).

FORTUNATELY she doesn't give up on good ideas. mexico in may...here we come! on a cold grey day that sounds beautiful. we plan to take off for a bit, fly down to the warm heavenly spot, grab some drinks and call it the good life.

i love looking forward to such things. i want to hear some spanish guitar and swish my toes in some warm water. i love life...i love life...my oh my how i love it!

all things happen for a reason. the missed modeling job in mexico city wasn't the reason i had to race and get my darn passport...it was THIS. don't you love how lessons of life unfold?

meat burps

i used to be a minority.

i used to be one of the few lucky people walking this earth who had never experienced the disgusting and utterly cruel horror known as the meat burp.

b had explained that vile thing to me in the past but i just took her word for it. i come from a fam of tooters i guess because luckily i had no idea what she was talking about...until last night.

last night we decided on a whim to go see a flick at the arc. we sat down, i in seat 13 and i felt like the night was perfect. lucky seat, great night, couldn't be better...that is until the beast known as the meat burper sat beside me.

oh she was so undercover! she had the sweetest smelling perfume on, clearly on a date. she sat beside me, smiled and the movie begun. i kid you not, not even 15 minutes into the ish this woman beast was burping up the most fowl smelling odors i have ever experienced in my life. the minute i smelled it i turned to b who immediately began laughing and mouthed to me "the meat burp" UGH!

it didn't stop there either. this heifa burped through out the entire film. i know the beast could tell we were writhing in agony too because she started shifting in her seat and pulled out some twizzlers which i'm sorry but just made a sweet meat smell...um that's worse if you didn't know.

i began 2009 thinking it would be a year of many firsts...i meant great firsts lol. my first bout with the meat burp was not my cup of tea. for all those perpetrators out there i thoroughly suggest a tic tac...

i had nightmares about that smell last night...that's just sad. it's like frickin' beatle juice complete with the nasty smell props (you know the fog horn sound)

some people should really think twice before eating beef products.

tonight is your night...tonight is your night bro

ah...how i love thee oh friday nights.

while some cringe at the thought of being dateless on the night of endless possibilities i laugh at that assessment. (ha ha!) when you're single and twiddling your thumbs the best thing to do is actually go on a date. (with your girls that is) ; )

i find that when a gal doesn't have good peeps surrounding her, she makes silly boo boos like calling up an old punk ex or eating her weight in chocolate ice cream. it's a new year with new perspectives my friends.

i LOVE date nights with my gals. tonight miss b is coming over and we're going to scavenge the valley (specifically ventura blvd) for a new lovely restaurant we've never tried...then we'll probably pick up amelie from blockbuster and spend the rest of the night doing exactly what makes us most happy. these are how you build up your pools of strength my dears.

ya can't sit around. ya have to get up and move and do the things you love whenever you possibly can. if you keep doing these things with your gal pals you'll grow to cherish such moments...you'll look forward to them and most importantly expect them....which even more importantly means you won't put up with boo boos from exes or empty ice cream containers....ahhh see how that all works?

friday + friends + a desire to laugh until your abs hurt = smart

i love me some endless friday possibilities!

love at first site

i just had THE best new years eve ever!!!

i don't know if i mentioned before but i decided to go to my alma mater's college bowl in tempe, arizona (the insight bowl). it was a really random decision but the minute i got over the craziness of it all i loved it and loved myself for making that decision.

every year i go to a house party or whatever and watch the ball drop on the boob tube. i always feel this inate sense of loneliness that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth (not a good way to start out the year). i figured nothing could be better than going to a college event, celebrating a game i love and a college that gave me the brain i love and having a ball with people i simply adore.

so i did it. i went to work at the butt crack of dawn. i left at 11, drove to the airport, parked my dear car in valet and headed to my gate. i slept the entire time on the plane and arrived fresh-faced in desert land ready to end the year & begin a new one right.

i raced to the game, only missing the first couple of minutes and had a blast. one of my best friends from college, liz, was there. her fiance, a coach for ku's team, was on the field so she had no problem leaving her seat every once in awhile to come and chat with me. i sat with the gang i would spend the rest of my night with, maria, lyle, his sis and seth. we cheered for our team (who won by the way! go jayhawks!) and then hit the streets for an awesome block party.

we chilled at a bar and got sufficiently buzzed and then mingled with the crowds for a styx concert lol...i've never rocked so hard in my life lol..."whoa whoa whoaaaaa"

at one point as i sat listening to the awesome tunage and watching fireworks blast up above i felt this wonderful peace and i just knew 2009 and i would get along swell. i love the year already. it felt so cool being with other great people out to have a good time with no expectations or concerns. i loved talking to strangers, wishing people well, texting friends and sending them my love. it was just one of those pivotal moments where you know things are good and you've made a great step in a positive direction.

i landed in burbank an hour or so ago. i got some gas, stopped by whole foods, picked up some black eyed peas and came home to a lovely salmon, kale and black eyed pea lunch complete with white wine...ring the year in right yo!

life's about the choices we make and the perceptions we carry. you can see anything and everything in a positive light if you will it so.

i used to not believe in such absurdities (love at first site) but i'm coming around...lookin' fine miss '09.

finding the divine in 09...my little poem for the year. it's got a nice ring to it, yeah?

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