when luck means love

i am officially in middle earth. i've got the goblins (mean children at airports) and the little people (my folks) but i'm not really here to mess with a gold ring ; )

it's really great to be home i must write. 12 hours at various airports was not my idea of a good time but golly gee was it all worth it the moment i saw my mom ploppin thru the airport...she's just so darn cute.

so now i'm in springfield, the place my parents moved to a couple of years ago and while i don't know a darn tootin' thing about this other world i've entered i feel more at home than ever before. i've slept a mess. i can't tell you how much i've slept...and in the princess bed that used to be mine before moving to los angeles (how i missed that damn thing)

pumpkin bread making, watching films with the folks...it's the best vacation a gal could ask for i tell you. my agent called me the day before i left and said "we've booked you a job! it's going to pay 2 grand! it's on monday the 22nd" and another part of my already wounded heart drooped a bit more. it drooped but it didn't fall...nothing comes close to all of this family time. it's priceless.

today i woke up and went to work with mo. she works at a shelter in the food pantry. 20 something families came in before lunch and sat across from my mom at her desk and poured out their stories bravely...i watched my mom grow into an even bigger shero this morning. no stinkin' acting job compares to that.

the woman gives all day long and does it with the most beautiful grace i've ever seen. she knows when to be goofy, when to hold a hand, when to be firm and strong and always how to be hopeful. they don't make them like her every day my friends.

i'm a lucky lucky gal and this will be a very lovely christmas.


  1. Just having you in the state makes me smile. :) Give your mom a big hug for me.

  2. have an awesome time home, tish!! i'm without my family for the first holiday ever and it blows... but we're doing xmas via webcam, so that's cute :) and i'm only not there because all be there in a couple of weeks when my nephew is born, so i guess i can't complain too much...

    :) see you soon!


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