A Sunday Kind of Love

Weekend recap: best friends are the best kind of therapy. I’ve been a mess lately. I can’t really explain what it was but i just checked out kind of…long hours at work, health stuff…it all jumbled together and just kind of left me empty so I’ve been collecting all kinds of self doubt and never really dealing with it all the way like we all should. All of that changed this weekend. I felt like yesterday I played major mouth dump with b and it felt so much better afterwards.

Here’s the scoop in a nutshell: I just let out everything and anything that’s been bothering me…I just spoke about all the insecurities I’ve had…listened to b explain hers and we just talked it all out and tried to understand everything we’ve both got going on in our lives. I don’t know how it works…how we’re able to help each other resolve or numb the pain/confusion but we do and it’s the best kind of medication a gal can have.

We went and saw the movie "Cadillac Records" (which by the way was amazing and wonderful and I totally recommend it). Her ex happens to be in the film. That was THE hardest friend moment for me & her to date. Scenes were really upsetting her and somehow I checked out and just jumped into b’s head. I could feel what she was going through…it was more than empathy…sometimes it’s crazy how close we are. I just held her arm through the hard parts and let her experience what she needed to.

These are the moments that define a friendship. I can’t stress how important it is to have someone you can consistently check in with. We constantly change and even though I see or email my friends almost every day I still have to check in and let them know where my head and heart are at the moment.

Friends are the ones we can be confident, naïve, insecure, crazy, sad, happy and confused with all in the same conversation and never feel like we’re being judged.

It’s the best kind of love in my opinion. Love love LOVE my friends!


  1. You're so right about friends. Ain't nothing better than them! It's that unconditional love. :)


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