After I see a really good movie that involves good acting I always tend to go inside my head and think about my dreams.

I was driving down Ventura Blvd last night, coming home from seeing “Cadillac Records” and I just thought about the magic all around me that I just can’t seem to see right now.

When I was a kid my mom would tell me about leprechauns and fairies…I’d spend hours looking for little green men hiding in trees, sit in the bathtub for hours waiting for my mermaid tail to appear…I was definitely the kid desperate to see something magical. In a way I still have that desperation.

I feel like once I make it the things around me that I see… a street with shops, restaurants and people will all look suddenly different. The same magic dust I look for on actors will appear in the places around me…

Some kind of acting magic that becomes my life…”Oh I shot a film scene here, I wore the outfit from that shop to my first movie premier”

I can’t wait until I see that magic. I’ll keep looking for as long as I physically can. And unlike Tish the Kid, I won’t come in when my mom calls me to dinner…


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