just call it a come back

haven't been too keen to discuss big dream known as acting lately. life starts to beat you down and you just don't wanna hear about anything that reminds you of your failures so you can imagine how absolutely thrilled i was to hear that this guy i just met wanted to take me to an acting joint tonight. (i groaned 13 times)

first of all, ole boy did not mention he was an actor or a writer...i barely got him to peep up about being a dj...he's lucky he was so mum because i refuse REFUSE to date actors...for the very reasons i mentioned above. they constantly wanna talk about the business, the craft, the this, the that and it makes me wanna spin my head off and play dradle dradle and i'm not even jewish!

so yeah the fellow, i'll refer to him as dapper dan, took me to this cold reading shindig that actually turned out to be the magic i needed to refresh my fading dreams. basically what happens is you meet at this perfectly charming pub on 3rd street down in hollywood, you go up to the boss lady and you ask if the writers for the night need any actors, if the writers need someone that fits your steelo you're in. a crowd full of people sit around a small stage and watch as actors perform 10 pages from a writer's project. it's a chance for writer's to hear how it sounds, how it feels, grab a tone, etc. (kind of like what i did for mr writer a couple of times) it's free (unless you're guilted in to giving a donation so that they can pay the hundred dollars to rent the small space above the pub) and totally entertaining!

so i'm sitting there...dapper dan is parking the car which took a good half hour (la is brutal folks) and i'm playing a game on my phone. a writer approaches me, asks if i'm reading for anyone that night, i say no (doh!) and she shoves a script in my face and asks if i can read the stage directions for her piece. i laughed to myself...the whole day i sat at work stressing that i didn't have the energy to partake in extra curricular activities after working a 10 hour day..when i finally compromised and said i'd go and observe but not participate the waters parted and i felt like i'd be ok. lol...if i would have known i'd perform anyway i probably would have passed out at work then and there. reading stage directions was a nice compromise...no prepartion or energy needed. i got to participate...i saw how it all works (totally want to go again!) and felt like i was getting a good piece of what i crave from my dream. everybody's happy.

oh...and a special guest came on stage that my buddy bree will probably scream at me for...

sooo...tony lucca--this totally cute as a button musician (plays at a place called the mint down in hollywood) was the special suprise guest for the evening. he played this sweet little christmas song and then went about his business. i talked to him. reminded him that he had a fan named bree (last name removed to protect the innocent) and that she gave me all his music...maybe that wasn't such a good idea...maybe he doesn't appreciate people burning his ish. lol...maybe i should have said she buys me all his music. sorry bree. oops.

all in all, it was good times and hopefully i'll get an opportunity to go back and have fun. the writers there had some great material...laughed my little arse off so yeah...

...just call it a come back.


  1. The nickname for this one is great.

    And the universe was looking out for you...stoking the fire, without burning you. :)


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