it is written

i don't know why but a lot of my blogs seem to be movie-centric. hmm i wonder why that is.

the gods of popcorn have blessed me lately with great cinematic experiences and tonight was no different. my buddy slick ric and i decided to check out "slumdog millionaire". if you see this will not be disappointed. good acting, funny, romantic actually, clever, interesting, great story line, hilarious was just overall a must see. it was so good it almost caused a beat down. how you ask? well some stupid chicks were walking out grumbling about how they hated it... i seriously wanted to shake their behinds and ask if they had any life left in their bodies, souls in their chests...

i can't think of the last time someone not liking a film caused my butt to twitch.

all funny aside i like the messages that flowed through out it. so much poetry in a good much symbolism and meaning. finding meaning in the small stuff is what my life seems to be about lately and right now i'm trying to figure out if "it was written" is something that should, could, will apply to me...

what's written for me? besides long work hours and financial worries...

b has helped me come up with a plan to pay for the photographer i have to have in order to make more money to get into acting...(at least this is the plan i'm hoping for this week.) tv diaries i think fell through. i wrote them a couple of days ago and no word back...just call me chop suey. therefore modeling is the next plan...plan m. it involves filing my taxes online steps are starting to annoy me like no utha! what else can a gal do though?


  1. Plam m. Has a good ring to it. When you're in town, we'd doing things thrifty style! :)


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