the ghost of christmas past

life's lessons tend to hit me in the most random of ways.

my best bud gave me this groovy book for christmas that discusses karma. in this book you learn how karma never works in a linear fashion. sometimes a good or bad deed takes years to witness. case in point: the ghost of christmas past.

lets begin in 1980. a black man and a white woman decide to act on the feelings marvin gaye has inspired in each of them. from this magical moment a child is created. later they will give her a name that contains the name 'tish'.

skip forward a couple years. tish sits in front of the television watching the color purple. she decides at that moment she will be an actress some day.

skip forward a couple more years to 9th grade. tish tries out for the christmas play. due to the racial ambiguity her parents blessed her with she is passed up for the role of ms scrooge (theater teacher blatantly tells her this)...and instead is given the role of ghost of christmas past. she knocks one out of the park and does a fabulous job. (just thought i'd add that bit)

tish begins to identify with her character. she digs the idea of chillin in the past. you see. all choices led to me sitting on a plane, feeling like i'd go crazy if i didn't stop obsessing over the past i left in the good ole midwest. said desperation led to me reading a book and learning good stuff on how to NOT let the ghost of christmas past shimmy on up and destroy.

in plain english: i went home and immediately fell back into the past. everything and everyone reminded me of this crazy past version of me...a luv, high school, college, old's crazy because you start to miss it all and if you're not extremely careful you'll lose. i was flash backing left and right...lucky for me i happened to flash back to moments in time that reminded me just how important it was for me to go after my dream and get it. ("all those memories couldn't and won't be in vain" kind of mentality)

"missed it by that much"'s so easy to get swept back into our old homes, our way of life, the people and places that made us who we now are. this book rocks at helping one see what the good, the bad and ugly choices we make can do for us. living in the past was one boo boo the book discussed.

we always hear about can't help looking at the past. we do this for reflection purposes all the flippin time. it becomes problematic though when when we make good with the ghost and decide the past is cooler.

the ghost gave the deuce and i'm chillin nice and present like right where i need to be.

funny where are choices can take us.


  1. Wow. That book is more powerful than I ever imagined. :)


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