modeling/acting updates

the writer friend already gave me the go to blog about him (hee hee) so here goes. i'm delighted that he has asked me to attend another one of his table readings. the big dinger? one of my characters goes by the name of ....wait for it....

mrs jenkins! for all those that know me this is a hoot, not only because a dear friend of mine, miss plummer, has called me that ever since our african american comedy class at ku but also because i moved out here and played a mrs jenkins in a horror movie called "mary". don't imdb that ish just i don't think it's on there.

table readings are just fun happenstance for your dear pal tishy. i won't get directors will be beating down my door but it is the greatest most fun practice i can think of so i'm excited.

no news on tv diaries just fingers are now mangled and my face is beyond blue with all the crossing and holding. are ya'll still doing it? come on now.

on the modeling front i'm searching for a photographer to take some rad new pics for my far i've got one chick who will charge me $600 and another dude that will charge $1,000. um no i'm not joking.




  1. Yea, that's a lot. That's what our wedding cost and it was for 8 hours and it was a steal. You're already beautiful -- they don't have to do anything!

  2. Are you coming home for Christmas?? I'll take your pictures for free! :) I might not be too good yet but I have a decent "real" camera!!

  3. ah jen...that's why i pay ya the big bucks

  4. Also, I'm sure you already know this, but have you tried art students looking for a quick buck? You might be able to barter and trade or something... though if they ask for nudie "art" shots, I would be a bit suspicious :)


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