cyber stalking

i have a dilemma... (when does she not right?)

well i've been feeling pretty uninterested in the dating pool lately..haven't really much felt like taking swims so you can imagine my mild delight when i started chatting it up with a guy via email that actually held my interest. after a couple of back and forths i realize the guy is pretty dope. because of this mild level of interest i decided to cyber stalk him. why? because i'm a gal who's dated a lot and i dont put ISH passed any of 'em!

so i go to facebook. my favorite little networking site and type in his name. i love actors. his profile immediately comes up with his darling little face and what do you know it's not set to private so i take a looksy and it's cool. he seems like a cool guys guy that knows how to be a goof...yes figured all of this out from his page...shoot me.

well actually don't shoot me because his page also told me he's in a relationship...a pretty darn serious one. why he was on match i know not BUT i'm cancelling that darn piece of pooh service tonight.

is cyber stalking wrong when it leads to such helpful information?


  1. I love my husband, but all men are dogs.

  2. no. not wrong at all. and his page isn't private. if you hacked his ish that would be different. good for you for doing your research and shame on him for being such a dumbass.


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