christmas guilt

so i have a bit of a dilemma...does anyone else feel pangs of guilt when they're in their car and a christmas song comes on and they turn it?

i mean it's not like we get christmas music year round and this IS the best time of the year...i have to force myself to keep the station on "santa baby" even though i can't stand that mess because i feel like you just can't take the music associated with goodness and joy for granted.


come all ye faithful...


  1. I celebrate the joy of the season too, but also fully support full veto power when it comes to songs like "Santa Baby."

  2. I have ZERO guilt about changing the station. I'm finally starting to appreciate a few things about Christmas but the music still makes me want to claw off my ears.

  3. I totally change it. lol. Bah-humbug! I love Christmas, but one can only hear "rum pum pum pum" so many times in their life.


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