the cheerer upper

ahh the best and worst thing a gal can have in her life is the cheerer upper. the person that always seems to find the rainbow in every cloud or in my case, the hopeful nugget in every actress' golden globes article.

darling b emailed me this anne piece. i admit it took me a bit to see the cheerer upper's gift...the debbie downer disease picked out the pessimistic point (she's getting a golden globe nominee and she's younger than you tishy) but i kept it...i reread it...i came around. : )

my girl rushell came over to gab yesterday and got me giddy about writing a wedding piece for a newspaper. i'm researching..i've contacted the la times. a friend down in san diego is looking into some intern/shadow style tomfoolery stuff down there. i'm going to follow as much joy as i possibly can.

cheerer uppers...they're the friends that walk around with cheer defibrillators ...they use all kinds of sneaky tactics to bring smiles...they know your pain, they understand it but refuse to let you wallow in the crap. articles, long talks, hugs, movies...tip toe moments around the painful parts...they'll go to any and all lengths.

silent cheerer uppers: just found this picasa link of all the pictures i've ever incorporated in my blogs. it was nice to see and re live. : ) picasa


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