7 pounds

i just got back from seeing the new movie "7 pounds" with will smith and rosario dawson. again, being a member of women in film definitely has its perks...promise i won't spoil any parts of the film.

now that i've promised i can say most emphatically that the movie was exactly what i needed at that exact moment in time.

i hate to start it off with the bunk stuff but it builds into something positive so just stay with me...

today was a lousy day. today blurred with all the other busy crazy 'too stressed to even eat' days that are becoming my life. i stopped feeling, thinking, caring weeks ago and it's taking a heavy toll.

this isn't me. i was never the girl that couldn't bounce back. i was the goofy girl. the one that could smile and turn a bad situation into something bearable...i've lost that gift. ironically my sis texted me today and asked if i was aware my name meant gladness in latin. lol...i found it amusing.

work is bad. i was held there hours after i should have lef. i thought i had missed the movie...i told d to forget about it but he thought we should still try so we got there with 5 minutes to spare...got the last two seats--his at the very top, mine right up close to the screen on the far right side...

i cursed the whole day when i took my pitiful seat. i knew i'd have a headache, that my neck would hurt, that i'd feel nauseated...all the different negative consequences derived from my job holding me up kept running through my head. i felt miserable. the movie started. i grumbled as will smith's face loomed out at me like a picasso painting...one eye definitely slanted and drooping off the screen due to my unfortunate position...and then it hit me.

due to my position in life my perspective was all off. things that should have looked beautiful and real suddenly looked surreal, distorted and ugly...that if i had indeed acquired another position i'd see the world in front of me in a whole new way...one's position and the angle/perspective one wants to experience is a powerful idea.

i don't want to be a grump and feel the way i do, day in and day out. sitting in the worst seat possible helped me see that...the q & a session with rosario and the directo helped me feel it.

when i tell you this movie will move you like no other i'm not exaggerating. you assume, hope for, expect so much to come from the ending (you're kept in complete darkness thoughout the entire film, not knowing what the heck you're witnessing) ...and then the last scenes come and you receive the simplest, most perfect answer back and it leaves you weeping while thousands of life theories flash through your mind. i don't know about you but i've never seen or experienced something that's left me thinking "that's the meaning of life"

7 pounds of knowlege:

rosario gave some lovely answers about her acting technique and what it took for her to deliver...it was liberating to hear she thinks the way i do about the process, the technique and all that jazz. i watched her and took in everything about her for as long as i could...someone with my dreams sitting so close...i stared hard to see the magic that made her who she is...there's gotta be some magic mist on people in the business...something the human eye has to look oh so carefully to see. something that someone else saw and gravitated towards...

maybe some day i'll see it and then sprinkle some of that stuff on myself! i'm gonna keep trying to push my magic out there in hopes someone sees the stuff . until then i have a lot of movie processing to do...the meaning of life indeed.


  1. Wow, that's quite the positive movie review. I must see it. I love that you get to see the actors and hear about how they act. So inspiring.

    Work that magic, girl.

  2. others will be talking about your films one day soon


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