when it's more than the metal

a few months ago i fell in love with the book _a new earth_ by eckhart tolle. i loved his philosophy on how he sees the world. for a while i could even understand it (the philosophy that is)...live it bit by bit but as the months have passed i've forgotten some of the basics. one in general is the ability to deal with loss in a practical way.

accordingly, we give possessions too much importance and while i can see the rational behind the whole "not forming attachments" theory i still bawled like a baby tonight when i found out one of my favorite things in the whole wide world was lost. a couple of years ago b gave me a beautiful star necklace to remind me of what i am and want to be. it was touching and clever...something smaller than a breadbox that represented the the support of a friend.

do you have anything like that in the world? something that reminds you of something so sweet and touching that losing it feels like you've lost a part of your own flippin heart?

i've always been sentimental like that...i name things for goodness sake people. i named my camera, my ipod, my car lol...everything's got a name dang it!

losing the necklace didn't suddenly cause me to forget the kindness my girlie gave to me...but there's something about having a physical actual tangible hold on something that reminds you of something...it's so much more than the metal.

i have a heavy heart right now. loss is a difficult thing for me. sigh...it sounds silly but i feel different. i feel like i've been losing a lot of things lately and it's supposed to be some big sign that i'm not supposed to have anything right now. what is up wiht that?!

ugh. i'm too tired to figure out the symbolic crap. anyone got any ideas?


  1. Oh no! That makes me sad. :( I loved that necklace on you...it was so perfect.


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