thanksgiving's odd side effects

i just dealt with my 'truth about cats and dogs' drama...i told the guy in this crappy little love triangle that i couldn't cut it with his weird stuff. i'll be damned ladies if we should stick around with dudes that make us question ourselves, feel like pooh or make us smell ourselves to see if we smell like pooh. : )

i slept so terribly last night...i tossed and turned all night long replaying horrible date night back in my head only to wake up and see that my mom is still conversing with the ex that refused to move out here with me...the one who is engaged and will be married soon. a flood of tears came out and i couldn't control it anymore. mom called to apologize and promised not to do it anymore (apparently she didn't know it still hurt me...whatever i'm all kinds of verbal with my feelings)...the fact that i've cried twice before noon is never a good sign though.

my girl e plans to come over and watch christmas movies with me. christmas can always fill the holes...i'm counting on that anyways.

thank goodness for g chat...volde happened to be on (haven't talked to him in a pretty minute) and i told him the situation...saw that j was on and talked to her about the's keeping the tears at bay for now. j's a no brainer but volde...sometimes my friends come in the strangest of packages.


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