tequila truths

ah what a night...

so i had a hard week. work was a bit draining and i voiced my pain and suffering to my good boy d so d did what good buds do best. he recommended tequila at my favorite little mexican restaurant down the street from my abode.

the man has some brilliant ideas. we had tequila infusions (this drink i dream about) ate some good food, had some strawberry margaritas, ate some flan and basically got sloshed lol. i personally recommend hanging with my good pal d if you need a laugh. the man is a light weight and moves uber slow once he's had some liquor. i fell over laughing twice in our booth. (maybe that was the alcohol but i was laughing nonetheless).

the most creative segment of the night happened when we started eating the flan. we would grab a spoonful of the strawberry flan goodness and do an "eff" toast to whatever had pissed us off during the week...then shove the goodness in our mouth and eat the pain : ) symbolic and yummy at the same time.

watching the count of monte cristo sealed the deal...man it was the perfect chill friday night. the tequila was callin my name...thank goodness it only called my name once. i plan to get up and run early morning and more than one of those puppies would have sent me on a way trip running to the bafroom : )

maybe a couple of chapters of the book _twilight_ (yes i'm hooked. it's my fix, my drug, my everything)

happy weekend ya'll...


  1. I love your evening! Nothing better than a good tequilla shot on a Friday night to make a craptastic week go away. :)

  2. u know me and agave sounds like a blast as usual


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