i just caught up on three weeks of oprah. my brain hurts. my body aches. no one should watch that much tv in one sitting. help me.

i just watched the nicole kidman interview on oprah (of course) in which she discussed why she named her little girl sunday. she said it's both her and her husbands favorite day. accordingly, sundays are really lonely days for those that are single (thanks nicole) and the best days if you have family around.

(imagine me hearing these words and shanking my head with a sarcastic smile going "yeah yeah, that's about right, thanks")

lol...i have not spoken out loud today, nor showered lol. i have eaten greek yogurts and kale because that's what currently lives in my fridge. my hair looks like i've never seen a comb, i have smudges on my glasses and dabs of black on my face (all the places where i needed charcoal mask). aren't sundays lovely? don't they sound glamorous and exciting? lol...sigh. thank you nicole for stamping my feelings on the day so poignantly in my head.

i think now i will shower and go run an errand that requires me to see actual sunlight...although i do believe the sun is currently setting.

never do a weekend of nothing. it's bad for the body my friends...and sanity.


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