strike a pose

for the first time the history of this blog...i am going to say something sweet and lovely about my agents...(the modeling ones that is)

i just got back from a meeting with them and i absolutely love 'em to pieces. there are three women, all really cool and really excited to pimp me out which i love even more. i've been so nervous all day to talk to them...i didn't know if they'd freak out and hate me wondering why the heck they signed me and all that good stuff but they started the "ahh she's cute" stuff as soon as i walked in. (fyi: agents talk about you like you're not in the room--good and bad--it's hilarious to witness)

the nervous stomach, manic crazy spastic tishy stuff i've been doing all day was for nothing. they want me to do a new shoot with a new photographer, told me we're in the slow part of the season so it's the perfect time for me to do so and then gushed over the possibility of a reality tv show (take that all you reality tv doubters!!!). it felt so good having this gang of cool chicks in my corner...enthusiasm is so addictive in this profession. i needed that. so yeah, now i have homework. i plan on recruiting b to help me get some looks together (have i mentioned i have NO sense of fashion, she does and therefore i leave it up to the guru to do my fashionista bidding). sigh....take a breath tish.

such a great way to start the weekend. tv diaries called too. i'm not IN just yet. just made it to the next round...i know, i know. we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed a little bit more.

random quick change

substantial moment of the day: i was in my work parking lot this morning and thought to myself "i'm going to find my necklace today", looked down at that exact moment and there it poor little star, bent on one side but there all the same. i almost cried. this tiny act left huge ripples through out the day. i had this weird confidence that i would do something and it happened...i have that same confidence about my career. i think it's coming ya'll...

i am so ready. i'm gonna strike a pose and hold that ish FOREVER!!!

quote for the day (that j pointed out again):
Exactly…when the weather matches the season you feel like you're apart of nature somehow…when this ISH throws up in your face you feel like a freak of nature


  1. I'm grinning right now. :) You so deserve this, chick.

    And in the quote, ish=90 degree weather in November. Just for reference. :)


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