i sing you to me

i just saw the movie "australia" and i'm still on a bravo kick. i haven't seen an epic like this since "gone with the wind". (i kid you not)

everyone go and see this flick. the movie touches on so many things but most importantly for me it proves that empathy is necessary for a civilization to prosper. (damn it)

there's this little boy in the movie that i fell in love with from his first scene. i couldn't even be mad at the little bugger for landing such a HUGE role with no acting experience whatsoever. i love dynamic characters (in and outside of the theater) who teach us lessons and leave a piece of themselves in our hearts.

this kid is definitely one. no movie spoilers (promise) he just has dreaming down pat...if he dreams it he believes in it. he's confident it will happen. how beautiful such a thing truly is.


  1. I definitely want to see it. Maybe I'll convince Ryan...I've been jonesing for a good movie lately.

  2. Australia--
    a brilliant masterpiece, a classic... After, viewing, I was so moved that I actually emailed the producer/director/writer with accolades at 3 a.m. No response, but great artists need to know their work is appreciated. Too few films from the heart, of that calibre.

  3. i agree terra8 and you ROCK for doing that! : )


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