howl at the moon

i left work pretty late today. i walked out into the cool night air and looked up at the big bright moon and said hi. i swear i had this huge urge to just let out a growl and howl at the moon. at this point you're wondering if your dear friend tishy has lost her flippin a way yes. i'm super duper hooked on the stinkin twilight books. i can't get enough of them. i swear crack has to be laced into the pages because it's all i think about.i eat, breath, sleep this ish!!!

i think i need help...

i'm on the second book (it's only been 7 days since i started reading the first one) and i'm shaking and jittery right now because i need to find out what happens next. vampires, werewolves...sigh. dear God help me keep one foot in the real world.

i had the weirdest great day today. i walked in this morning with a scowl firmly planted on my face but it melted throughout the day. nothing huge and important happened. (i heard not from the reality tv show), i didn't get the raise i so deserve, no good boy stories to report...nope just started getting more and more chipper just cuz. (didn't even need chocolate to get the fix either)

my gram's emails have been pretty profound lately. she has this format she loves to stick to: she tells me about her day, gossips about what the fam is up to, then tells me about whatever issues i've decided to open up to her about and then she ends with an inspirational quote and her thoughts on how to perk me up. she's been into the mind over matter stuff and it's working i think.

i realize some days you're just in a funk and that's it but for the days where we honestly have the option to choose..i choose smiles and giggles.

i have a funny video of myself attempting to do a russian man (aka vlog) and i let out a huge accidental toot. (what?!) it had me and my co workers about to pee our pants...that could have been part of it...maybe the fact that i'm going to washington d.c. with my best friend for THE most important political event in my lifetime, maybe even that we've been discussing our christmas present theme for this year (creative gift requirements make my heart go pitter patter)...i emailed my girl laura and pushed the twilight book--pushing the drug is a definite perk...just a good day. chicken or the egg situation.

clever analogy of the day (according to j): i will not let a boy hunt me like i'm a flippin jungle woman from a duran duran video.

: )
the end.


  1. Love this post. Howl at the moon baby!!!

    We're going to DC!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. u should order someof my books one day and read them, that is if u like what they describe as intellectual fiction

  3. I NEED to see this video you speak of.

  4. I also love the Twilight books--my sister got me hooked on them this summer, I was reading them in the bathroom on breaks at work :)

    I'm glad your funk got turned around!

    Yay DC! I KNEW I moved here for a reason 5 years ago, I just didn't know it 'cause Bush was president :)

  5. girl me too! (glad i'm out of the funk that is...)

    em, i'm sending you the video : ) it's a riot i tell ya...make sure to pay close attention to my face. lol


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