he grew ovaries

my guy pal d totally grew some ovaries for me yesterday. i was having one of those days where i feel like staying in bed but know it's not gonna be pretty if i do, so i allowed the man to scoop me up and drag me into a christmas shopping spree (got my folks' their gifts so we did good). afterwards we made sure to go by yogurtland where i gulped down a mix of cheesecake, strawberry and arctic ice vanilla yogurt sprinkled with strawberry, kiwis and blueberries..yes it was heaven.

we watched some "pride and prejudiced" and then "made of honor" which i was oh so proud of d for agreeing to sit through. i did have to punk him in blockbuster for actin' a fool (i told the guy he chose made of honor...which he totally did--he digs the chick in it)...you know he couldn't produce ovaries without somewhat of a fight.

so yeah i got back my smile while sitting with my make shift girlfriend, eating junk food and listening to mr darcy say the most precious words a man could possibly say, "you have bewitched me body and soul and i lu...i lu...i love you"

it's amazing that men can strip of us of certain joys, break our hearts, make us feel like crap while others can bring it all back and restore our faith in mars/venus interactions. the world is a crazy unpredictable place.


  1. Sounds like your guy friend may be looking to change his status.

  2. status change to casanova? lol...maybe


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