happy full moon: change is in the air

i don't want to jump the gun here but i have to share my maybe sorta news...i think i was chosen for that new tv show i've been yapping about. lol pardon my calm demeanor but when the casting guy called me i was on my 10th hour on the job so my brain didn't quite process the words coming out of his mouth like they should have.

all i heard was, "congratulations, oops i guess i ruined the suprise waw waw waw waw just send us a dvd copy of all the submissions you've currently done for us"

uh lol...i think i got it??? i could just be going to the next round so i won't throw in exclamation marks just yet. lol i'm in a weird kind of shock and disbelief right now. i'll keep you updated on that but if i do get on the show you guys seriously have to tell all your friends, family and the strangers peeing beside you in the bathroom stalls to watch and vote for my behind! we'll make a contest of it. whoever gets the most folks to vote for me will win a free yogurt from yogurtland (my favorite heavenly thing right now). sound like a plan? :)

i booked tickets to d.c. for the inauguration today too. j and i always go somewhere for one of our birthdays. this year our trip happens to fall on her b day...which happens to be close to jan 20th so we said why not. we set up a meeting to talk this afternoon (yes we're nerdy like that) and now we'll be there to watch history unfold. i'll tell my grandkids some day i was there. i don't even care that my plane ticket was a ginormous amount. this ish is pricelss...plus i never allow myself to live like that. it's time to spread my wings and budge a little.

side perk: i get to finally meet my email boyfriend. we've talked for over a year now and i actually consider him to be one of my closest friends. weird we haven't met but that's all about to change.

everything's about to change...the world, my life, my bank account lol ALL OF IT!

i'm hoping my stomach can change soon too. i've been pumping iron and running my little tail off for awhile now. i have a meeting on friday evening with my modeling agency so hopefully the sweat sessions will prove beneficial.

waiting on the world to change...


  1. Congrats--at least you know you've made it to the next round if not even farther! I'll be so excited to hear for sure.

    Oh, and I'm so jealous you're going to DC for the inauguration. Wow. That will be amazing.

  2. thanks lady! : )

    i will make sure to take lots o pics in d.c.

  3. Simply because you requested it so elegantly, I will be asking strangers in the next bathroom stall to watch if indeed you made it - which if you did, or even if you just made the next round for now, WOOHOO!!! I am SO very proud of you!

  4. Girl, I am so excited for all things mentioned. The trip, the show, YA!

  5. You are definitely the coolest person I know right now. :)


  6. dress warm in dc and get a video cam if u dont have one - and sell the dvd's u make

  7. Yay, I'm so glad you guys are coming! Though after reading about how people are charging upwards of $15,000 for staying at their houses since the hotels are all booked up, I realized perhaps I'd missed a prime money making opportunity by letting y'all stay at my humble DC abode... but, then I realized that history only happens once and it'll be more fun with my more friends by my side :)

    Congrats on the job possibility!


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