familiar faces

i saw a face i knew this morning and it got my little heart strings in a tizzy, had my brain shooting a thousand synapses a minute...there's this beautiful girl that did a script read with mr. writer and she was on the last episode of private practice.

i knew her face immediately. at the reading i was flippin drawn to her. not only is she this beautiful petite talented woman but she's also one of mr. writer's good friends...facebook always pops up tagged pics of the two of them (facebook is bad for nosy people fyi)

how did she do it? how did she get on my favorite show? what acting classes did she take? how did she convey such emotion? was the director on set helpful at guiding the guest stars? how did it feel to act along side of those folks?! ugh...lucky lucky girl.

mr writer doesn't think i'll make it out here. nice right lol? i wonder when my questions will lead to answers...ways inside that proverbial open door. mr writer is surrounded by people that have walked through...maybe he's forgotten that there's no one way in (or i would have taken it) i'm not phased by the doubt though. the only thing phasing me is this chick's darn face. the more i stay in this game the more i'll start to see faces i know or have met...the trick is to not let the sea of familiar faces manifest into a ball of jealousy or defeat but instead become the ball of 'push' that will remind me i'm that much closer.

bring on the faces.


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