book whisperer

i love books. i love what books can do for me and my imagination..the thoughts and emotions that suddenly begin to swirl in my brain can ignite the best feelings in the world. you can imagine how i get when meet people that share the same passion...

one of my greatest joys to date is when a friend asks for me to choose a book for them. this is a big moment my friends. the decision never comes lightly. questions insue... i have to know if they're big readers (if they don't read a lot certain books come to mind that have instant action in the beginning to keep and pull the newby's attention), i want to know what kind of words they love...if words like "bewitched" and "thither" send your heart into a pitter patter ...if you need something that mirrors your own life, if you need something to inspire, to save, to make you laugh, to make you pee your pants laughing...

i love giving all of that to a friend in the form of a little (or big) book. my gal pal e comes to me every so often asking for a new fix. this time i gave her two books, _the alchemist_ and _caucasia_. she called me yesterday morning at work and was just gushing about how one book gave her some answers to her life questions and how caucasia fired up airport conversations with interesting men. they gave her the cool nod of approval based on the lovely book she clung too...who knows...books could be a cupid catcher of sorts. it happens : )

i think i like being a book whisperer (at least that's what i'm calling myself) yes. books talk to me and i match them up with the humans that need them : ) that's me.

made me happy. as for me and my book? i'm on book 3 of the twilight series now. i just can't these stories have ruined me.

switching topics completely: i had my pasadena morning and it was great as always. i sat around and gabbed with my gal who does my eyebrows and we caught up and then i bought my stuff (i'm trying this new powder shampoo for when my hair's straight and i don't want to wash it in between work outs...i'm lazy sue me)

i was out the door almost across the street when my chick called my cell and said one of the big stylists wanted to do my hair some time. lol...mind you this is a BIG HUGE salon where halle berry gets her hair did...yes... i turned right around and went back inside gushing. this really cute total artsy manly man's kind of guy stood at the front of the salon and i swear i couldn't help but turn red (beyond the eyebrow wax pink skin that is). he knew i was looking for a photographer to do some new modeling shots for me and said he wanted to do my hair for the shoot... for the first time in my life i am proud of my hair lol...i thank it for catching the attention of mr hottie patottie cutie (married folks--the gushing sticks on the blog) who will now be rockin' my ish OUT for my shoot. woo hoo.

i told you something good's in the air my friends...


  1. Dude, that's awesome about the hair!!! It's like your energy is just shining through and people are starting to take note.

    I swear when Obama won, people became less cynical...more alive even.

    (And this is random, but I got my eyebrows done today, too!)


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