barack the vote!

it's a bookmark kind of day again my friends...the kind of day you'll always remember. years from now people will ask "did you vote?" and they'll be referring to today.

was anyone else nervous to vote?! i couldn't sleep and ended up just getting up this morning and getting ready early. my hand shook as i punched my votes into the ballot and i teared up once i finished and received my sticker.

i feel like this is the first time i've participated in an american adult event and truly been aware of how important my action could be. the world is watching us all today...that's crazy too! our leader will change the world..and i'm not trying to be's true.

i'm watching cnn and i scream with delight everytime a new election prediction pops up. i love seeing the color blue...i really do.

my gals are coming over for some home baked cookies and gibber gabber. i've never been this invested. i'm putting my faith in americans. we can hope, we can believe, he can win!!!


  1. We did it; We Baracked the vote!!!

    It's huge girl...everyone will remember where they were when he was announced the winner.

  2. i just hope the red states
    dont desire to return to the history pre 1960


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