tickle my tenders!!!

i realize now my blog title sounds naughty (lol!) but i said it in an email to one of my girls today to cheer her up and it made me laugh my arse off so there it appears...for your giggling pleasure. (that sounds a bit dirty too...hmmm i'm stopping now.)

to the blog!

tv diaries called me again!!! i'm on to the next round!!! oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah! (happy dance, round and round, ya feel that...do you feel that shake?!)

i was sitting at work today when i got the call and i swear i started screaming and jumping up and down (all professionalism went out the door). so now i have to make another tape but this time i just have to do what i do best...talk about stuff. i've already introduced myself so the hard part is over :) ....ya'll do realize that it sucks to submit your actual self as the material and get rejected...no one wants to hear their life or personality sucks lol!

i haven't decided what i'll do my russian man (aka vlog) about just yet. that's the beauty of these things...it just comes to me and poof! there she goes.

"tonight is your night bro...tonight is your night!" (where's danny devito when you need him?)

so yeah i'm on a high...tomorrow's halloween. i will be a witch if you dare to know...a chic nice cute witch but a witch nonetheless.

cackle cackle cackle

happy halloween every body. can't wait to see what treats are coming my way!


  1. Definitely a treat not a trick on Halloween-y! :)

  2. Congrats on your next round of russian man, Tish! Have a Happy & Safe Halloween too!



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