a subdued vegas

there's something about the open road and a vegas destination that makes me giggle. i love vegas weekends with my girls. i can't do them often that's for darn sure but in small doses, they're exactly what the doctor would order.

on saturday b and i roped in a friend from work to join us in vegas. i needed a weekend away. away from stress in all its nasty little shapes and forms...and i got just that.

we actually stayed off the strip this time and although we were ready to dress up and let loose we ended up going back to our girl's house for fried catfish, drinks and friend time.

mr new york (aka thomas crown) was in town and although i was scared out of my mind that our dating drama would pop up and get awkward as heck we managed to keep it cool and friendly with no expectations of anything new starting up.

i did finally get to introduce him to b which is funny. i forget she doesn't know all these folks i travel to see...my life pre los angeles. the three of us had dinner and hung out for awhile discussing politics and club etiquette lol...among other things and just had a nice time. ny and his partner in crime actually came to the house and hung out with us for a couple of hours. there's nothing like sittin around with folks listening to music from way back in the day (some james brown & otis made the cut) and dancing like dorks until the point of pass out.

i had a lovely time and got a bit sad on the four hour trek home but the tiny bit of sad was worth it...laughing is so important to battling the blues. so important when battling unsettled romantic entanglements and definitely important to my sanity overall. lol

maybe it's not vegas at all that i crave...maybe it's being thrown into an unknown space where anything and everything is acceptable and still finding out your friends are the real genuine sources of joy.


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