sometimes laughs are enough


I can’t function today. I had a jam packed weekend so I’m guessing part of my ineptitude stems from that but there’s just something jacked up about forgetting your watch, forgetting to blow dry your hair…putting on weird funky socks (even for me) and not remembering the drive to work…I don’t know if the weekend deserves zombie Monday behavior but it’s there nonetheless.

I did so much it was crazy. I’ve complained in the past about being bored and not having ish to do with anyone…I think I totally had to eat my words…and then some.

Saturday was a great day. I woke up early, hung with the original gangster (first la friend miss bree) and had coffee. We went to our original coffee hot spot and discussed books over some yummy lemon cake and caffeinated beverages and then I parted so I could go play with a new friend at a guitar shop. (random coolness)

I met up with B after that to shoot my audition tape for that reality show and then we headed south for knotts scary farm for the kind of scary fun that can cause folks to pass out if they’re not careful. I swear I’ve never laughed at myself as hard as Saturday night. why did I run screaming through a maze while monsters chased me hungrily…while B and the gang followed behind hysterically heaving at my expense. Sigh…Forking up the big bucks to go was totally worth it. When we returned my body ached like I had been beaten with a bat…I mean what kind of laughter turns you into a pool of soreness?! It’s bananas!

Sunday was spent in bed lol…seriously didn’t even dress until 3:30 or so. my girls B & E loaded into my car for a nice night on an open patio eating good food and sippin good drinks. The spirits definitely left me feeling like all I need in this world is my girls. Random: the hostess seated us right beside a guy I went on a date with recently. Talk about awkward…la is not as big as you think…and the valley is even smaller than that!!!

Man it was a great weekend. i mean at one point us gals were in the parking lot of the Sherman oaks galleria trying to do the dances that beyonce currently does in her “single ladies” video…

Lol it was just THAT kind of weekend.

Oh! I watched an oprah and have found the love of my life…does anyone else want the kindle as much as I do?!?!


  1. I so want a kindle! I wonder if it's hard on your eyes...

    And you were sore from laughing? Now that IS a good time. :)

  2. original gangster... that's too good to leave off my list of nicknames.

    I'm not sure yet if I want a kindle. I like the idea in theory, but I can't imagine reading a book without pages to turn or that wonderful book smell. I'm old fashioned ;)


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