the secret life of bees

i went to my first women in film screening tonight and saw the movie "secret life of bees" which was amazing. i didn't have a bud to take so i sat there and cried my big ole eyes out alone but it was alright. i read that book years ago randomly...just saw it in a bookstore and thought i'd bring it along on a road trip to new orleans with j and it turned out to be one of the most wonderful books i've ever read...i recommend the darn thing to everyone and give them the books (now i'll do the same for the dvd)

it's moving, brought me to tears many a time and was only 110 minutes lol...i don't know about ya'll but i love short & sweet flicks.

the cool thing though was the fact that the director and screen writer stayed for a brief q & a session. the woman up on the stage asking questions asked her everything i had prepared (and then some) so i felt like i had lost when they announced questions were over.

i cried a tiny bit inside as people rushed down to the stage for a chance to talk to gina as i quietly walked out. i knew she had left her film premiere in order to come and i felt bad...defeated i was but i saw her driver outside and got up the nerve to leave one of my acting business cards...i asked him politely and desperately to please hand it to her...i prayed that he would...and then prayed that she would actually keep it.

she sat on that stage and spoke about how she helped each actress give the kind of performances i dream of giving...if i could work with a director like that some day...sigh. i'd be a very happy girl.

so cross your fingers that random acts of pushiness, desperation and hope can stretch to eyes and brain of mrs prince-bythewood...and go check out the movie on october 17th. i promise you won't be disappointed.

p.s. bring tissue.


  1. I'm glad it was good...was it as good as the book?

    And, hey, you never know...

  2. girl...the director said sue monk kidd (the book author) was scared to read the script at first but once she picked it up she couldn't put it down and said it was lovely...the director talked at the screening of how honored she was.

    definitely did the book some justice!


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