runnin on e...(everything)

i once had a love affair with running. i'd run three miles a day on high school tracks i'd find in the towns i'd inhibit and i'd work the mess out of the left turns, my heavy breathing, the inevitable side cramps and down pours of sweat. i'd live for it but over the years i pushed other agendas and forgot how necessary it was to move.

because of that mishap running ain't so easy for this sista girl anymore...i have to load up on mad energy to make any kind of progress on mileage which means me and morning runs don't really work out.

i had a really rough week though. the kind of week that demanded some sort of release and since i was still in a blah lazy mood last night my body demanded i wake at 6:30 this morning and run. no nada to fuel me for what my brain desperately needed but somehow i did it. i ran a mile and some and then walked through my neighborhood for another half an hour or so...i ran on everything that's been pent up in side, everything that's been scaring me and bothering me and causing me to shrivel up inside of myself.

i can't guarantee that i can do this kind of thing every time...heck i only went a mile which a lot of folks would laugh at me for (ONLY a mile tish? try 20!) but the thing is i have an outlet and my brain wills me towards that outlet when it knows i'm about to go on a serious time out.

i needed to move. i needed to see my neighborhood, feel the fall's creep moving in (my ears actually went cold. i was so excited) and definitely needed to purge all the worries out thru my pores.

in a bit i'll finish packing for a short trip to vegas. b and another one of my lady friends, g , will be accompanying me for a night of getting dolled up and dancing. more lovely cardio to help generate some endorphins. gotta love it.


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