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On a wim i decided i should write a blog/column for some publication because i’ve honed in on the fact that it makes me happy. so i get into work this morning and begin to scavenge the internet for freelance blogging gigs…decide i want to play with the big dogs and go straight for the la times ( i move fast) and start reading some of the blogs there. i had to trample on my new found little path to happiness after seeing how structured news media blogs are. the frickin writers are highly qualified folks too…for instance one chick wrote for in style magazine before heading over to the west coast times. if i “did lunch” with the big somebodies from the newspaper and pulled out my book of blog posts they’d probably slap me twice, bend me over and kick me in the butt. (i’m just saying!) it was a fun little daydream while it lasted.

i do love to write though. maybe i’ll see if there’s a book somewhere in my random rantings…who knows. i’ll research that tonight ; )

random bits of goody for you: my hair is uncharacteristically frizzy today (i feel like the bride of frankenstein without the cool highlight job) and i’m thinking my shoes don’t really match what i’ve got going on today but i’m at work so there’s nothing i can do about this. my biggest fear is turning into the weird old women that i work with who wear socks and sandals. someone a very long time ago told them this was ok and they desperately hung on to the cool...or they’re even more gangsta and just don’t care because they’re comfortable. i feel like i kinda resemble a ‘cat lady’ today. this is not good. at least i fit in at the watering hole at work!

random bit #2: no one is talking about the debates here. i think it’s an la thing…ryan seacrest had anderson cooper on his program this morning…anderson was going on about the debate and different talking points when ryan interrupts him and asks him what he thinks about lauren conrad from the hills…i wonder if any other los angeles folks are perplexed by the common apathies around these here parts. i mean jeez louise…i didn’t pay much attention to campaigns from years past; just enough to get by but this is so flippin huge! WHO CARES IF LC IS LEAVING THE HILLS AND SPEIDI HAS A FLIPPIN PHANTOM!!!

random last bit: i just found out that this acting class i’ll be doing next week requires a monologue so i’m going to memorize this short piece about this chick who hates dating…art imitates life i always say! i’ve decided i hate memorizing this stuff because it has no purpose lol. i mean yes, i’ll use it for a class but then it just goes away…it’s like it never existed, i never created it. i can’t WAIT until i get a real role in front of a camera…something that will leave a permanent mark in cinema…ahhh now THAT’S a dream i can stick with.


  1. I think you could totally find SOME blog to write for...your posts are always so entertaining and funny! You just might have to start capitalizing your I's. ;)

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