it's possible..things are happening every day

there's this cute song that the fairy godmother sings in cinderella "it's possible" that i just can't get out of my head. i'm blasting "at last" by etta james and i STILL can't shake's a sign though.

i just watched obama's public message and i still have goose bumps. it was really hard for me to watch all of the personal stories...there's so much going on right now and when i look at obama my jaw wants to drop in awe. i feel like he's walking around atlas style...the weight of the world resting slightly on his shoulders. i can't think of a time in my life where i could watch a living hero. it's crazy but that's exactly what i think of him as being...i recommend folks read his autobiography. it's crazy that a man represents so much positivity. i love totally perked up my day.

other perks:

mateo my workboy twin is in town. a group of us went to boulevard burgers on ventura for lunch today...if you want to experience juicy goodness i suggest you grub there if you're ever in woodland hills, ca. i did the happy dance at least three times.

ipod shuffle. alanis and dolly parton are all i need in this life. first you have alanis rockin out some major venom and then dolly just comes and sweeps it all up, says it's ok in her cute little way and then makes you appreciate the small stuff :)

the ability to laugh at my out of shape behind. i tried doing the kind of sit ups where you hang upside down and come i popped something in my stomach and almost busted a gut laughing (literally)

j's new job stories and random bits of alliteration. she's such a quirky queen of quick pro quo.

and finally my grandma's emails for the day...the woman never fails in her ability to slap me out of funks, humor me with her poetry and lull me into peaceful confidence that my fam has my back no matter what.

like ms simone says, "i'm feeling good"


  1. You devilishly decadent diva of disguise! ;)

  2. that was it! doh! i was trying to think of yours lol


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