happy halloween!

fall back weekend...

don't cha just love it when the time changes? sometimes i wish i lived in arizona...well if it wasn't a red state that is. speaking of voting...

president clinton left a voice message on my phone. i pretty much rock for that...i know it was unique and solely a message meant for me. i will be voting no on prop 8 (rights for all yo!)...this is the first year i've been utterly fixated on the political climate...the first time i've had the audacity to hope. all my fellow blue peeps will get that reference ; ) obama 08...less than a week away! woo hooo!

so far so great on halloween. pretty typical work day: ya never really do anything...nothing gets accomplished... every body gorges on food and giggles at all the costumes...that's pretty much it. (i'll post a couple of my fav's at the end)

tonight will not be a traditional halloweeny night though...i plan to go see the new jolie film with some buds. we plan to raid the bar and grab some of these magically deliciously hot dogs with watermelon bbq sauce (yeah you heard me) and chill out.


happy halloween!!!

big boy & a witchy woman

no work...told ya

franklin my god dog (aka my cousin shelly's child)


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