halloween after the show

i showed up to the movie theater and sadly counted 15 people total hanging out. i felt a little awkward at first but the minute i sat down and the lights went down i knew i was right where i needed to be. i wish there was a good movie out every flippin week. i saw the changeling tonight and i have to say it was definitely moving.

the word thing is the scenes that should have left me in shambles didn't and the ones that every one else found humorous and entertaining had me in hysterics. no i will not ruin the movie for you. no spoilers.

there's just something about a great dramatic film that gets inside my skin...wiggles around in my ribs, knocks the air out of me, infuses into my blood and leaves me spent...

especially that one.

i drove home in tears (of course)...big drops falling over my lovely black dress...i drove passed the throngs of halloweenies lining up along the streets of ventura off to whatever parties are happening through out the night knowing that sometimes i'm just meant to get lost in some story. i plan to do more of that. tonight i have a long date with a book named jane.


just found out my cousin and her peeps are in west hollywood partying it up and will need a place to crash tonight...please help me god.


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