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the weekend has been a trip so far. i have this guy friend i've mentioned before in past blogs (i read at some of his table readings) and i caught up with him at a ku football watch party yesterday. apparently he's moving across the big pond to london and i swear i looked like my puppy had just died when he told me the news. do you have people in your life that you may not talk to every day but you feel better knowing are there just in cases?lol...well that's this guy.

he asked if i'd still be in los angeles when he returned (whenever that will be) and the crazy part was i think he was serious. lol apparently my blogs have a defeatist nature. (guess i have to work on the "it's hard BUT"s ) this life may be hard as heck BUT it's all i know. i seriously have NO idea what i would do, where i would go if i wasn't out here trying to act. i think about acting 24/7...everything relates to it in some odd way. it was a good question. i needed to speak the words, "i'm not going anywhere" outloud...needed to put it out there.

i've had lots of information thrown at me this weekend and i'm in the process of memorizing this dang monologue. due to the overload writing and thinking aren't really my specialities but one thing from yesterday did stick with me. at one point my friend was networking scripts with another ku alumni and said "i'm kind of a big deal. google me." and my jaw dropped lol not because of the unintended ego blowing up and out lol but by his matter of fact attitude about his talents and accomplishments. i can't wait for the day when i've not only accomplished what i came out here to, but have the confidence to embrace all that hard work and humbly say, "google me". lol


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