well it's no secret i itch when someone mentions the idea of acting classes. anxiety and sweat seem to build and fester and the day of i'm not a happy camper. the workshop i attended tonight changed all of that.

it was like i came home....i kept hearing things that reminded me of the tish i used to be. for instance he started out class by saying when we're kids we think we can do anything...literally. we'll see a painting and we'll say "i can do that" or we see a performance and say "i could do that better"...etc etc. i remember thinking this way as a kid and my grandmother wanting to backhand me at the detroit institute of art because i thought i could do half of the paintings and sculptures there.

somewhere down the line we start to listen to those that say we can't...that we won't and will never be able to do a, b and gleason said we have to get that empowerment that moment i fell in love with a 74 year old man lol.

he doesn't believe in acting classes...he says for the most part actors sit in the classes and listen as the acting coach 'prescribes' how to conquer a scene to one person...everyone in the class tries to take the same prescription and kills the whole scene. it made sense...he also mentioned that acting is a natural ability that we all can's just certain people have this magnetism...this power to 'gather' an audience into their world...invite them into this whole energy swapping phenomenon and it was all flippin brilliant i say!

i was the first to go up and 'gather' the class into my being...i sucked. he didn't give any kind of direction as to what he was looking for so i got to be the guinea pig but i learned...

i've always thought good acting was subtle...casual, but he says it's just when you relax and own your presence...i love that it makes sense and it's stuff i used to think of as a kid. (man i was brilliant!)

he discussed how we're socially prodded into down playing our greatness...the man totally made my night.

i'm exhausted as heck. the workshop was supposed to end at 9 but we didn't get out of there until i hurt.

point of all of this? i'm happy i found some one who validates the way i've always thought of acting. it's practiced, honed and perfected by living and breathing...watching people, going to museums, watching films...tapping into life and being present...always.


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