famously average: vlogging the new hotness

oh happy day. b is currently singing, "i told you so, i told you so" because she, my friends, sent me a text a week or so ago stating i should write "blog style" professionally. low and behold i was contacted yesterday afternoon by a casting agent to come in and audition for a new reality show that will air on one of the big networks (gasp!)

yeah yeah yeah...i know the old tishy with film high standards would have scoffed at any mention of reality tv but alas that tishy said peace the minute she found out she'd be paying sky high rent for a box. a sista has to eat!!!

so here's the premise of the show...i would basically do what i've been doing for the past 2 years...tell complete strangers, friends and family about all the crazy weird ish i tend to find myself in out here in la la land with one exception...i would have to do a videe blog, now known as vlogging. it would be kind of like a real world confessional booth type of thing...every week i'd submit my vlog--aka big russian man (sounds russian,no?) and viewers would vote on whether or not they wanted to hear what i'd talk about next...

i figure with dating, acting, goofy friends and an insane amount of pent up energy i can do this.

the meeting i just attended with the casting folks was crazy. it's uncanny how willing and ready people are to share their stories...i heard stories of divorce, one man discussed how his militant parenting led to his dismissal from the household...he's now homeless. one girl is a plus size model in training, another an aspiring r&b singer/mother...a bad comic with a knack for inappropriate perverted jokes and me....when the casting agent asked why i would vlog i said "because i currently blog and my friends seem to keep reading". lol...

save the juicy bits for the cam...and blog ; )

wish me and the vlog luck!


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