the day of atonement

i may not be jewish but i think my roomie and her peeps are on to something with this day of atonement. it's a day where you have to forgive someone if they approach you with an apology. 

it sounds so simple right? well in the grand scheme of things it is that simple. if someone thinks it's worth apologizing for, it's worth's too short. 

i can't think of anything i want to apologize  for but i have forgiven some folks as of recent so there ya go. 

i've forgiven volde...we're now pretty decent friends and have been so for a couple of weeks now. 

i've forgiven new york guy and my mail man for his slow obama t shirt delivery. 

maybe i'll even be super uber honest and forgive myself tomorrow as well...i haven't been too nice lately...hopefully i'll understand :)


  1. cant forghive other until u sould search and forgive self

    dont see u anymore what gives folk
    have a gr8 one


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