crying eyeballs plead for good karma

i was listening to npr a while ago and they were featuring this hip hop artist named jean grae that sounds incredibly dope and out there in just the ways i like.

the chick talks about all of this uber personal stuff including her ever looming neuroses and it's flippin refreshing as heck. i recommend everyone check her out. it's been a long time since i've heard someone sing their own truth...bluntly.

(i must mention she is definitely a 'fem-mc' so if you're not into hip hop...ya may not develop a jones for the lady) i won't cry if you don't. don't worry.

on the acting front i found someone that hooked me up with acting break downs for the industry...the big tv shows, new pilots and feature films...yes i felt like a pimp today. i wrote my agent and asked if it would be alright for me to go through these lists, pick out which ones i'm interested in auditioning for and politely send to him so he can throw my name in the mix. i'm crossing my fingers. he's a commercial agent which means i go on silly auditions for commercials and other lame crap but i'm hoping he still has the power to weazel his way into anything i need him to. if not i'll be shopping for a new agent which bites the big one because you have to have work in order to get an can't work without an agent is anyone else suffering from spinning head syndrome?

wish me luck. please please please cross your fingers...pray, think good thoughts about your dear friend something that helps my karma. i promise if something great happens i'll come back to you and give you mad hugs and kisses...possibly a secret nod on camera that you and i have discussed beforehand.

i can't wait for the day when i'm NOT sitting in a conference room discussing healthcare issues i know not a darn thing about and doodling pictures of eyeballs think i'm joking?!



  1. All good karma coming your way dear!!! I'm bringing it in persona!!!

  2. u will do just fine sister
    y dont u vist no mmore


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