bring on the chanel!


I don’t know if age is the culprit for my love of fashion shows and labels way beyond my world but I’ve developed some “secret single behavior” of my own that includes going to the Times, clicking on the fashion & style section and getting lost in slideshow after slideshow of fancy schmancy catwalks featuring stick figures in pretty clothes.

It’s really girly and almost embarrassing to write but I have actually found my future oscars dress if someone else doesn’t come and snatch that puppy up.

I was kind of giddy to even see something that made me dream in such detail…usually I can only think of my speech lol And while I do not currently have a boyfriend/fiancé I have found my beach wedding dress as well. Lol… could this be fatigue setting in?!?!

There is definitely a Tishy that loathes such thoughts but then I’m kind of amused that my dreams sometimes take specific shapes. It makes them feel more real to me in a sense. If finding dresses for future milestone moments is happenin' the so be it. I’m just gonna go with the flow and allow my dreams to please…so bring on the chanel!


  1. Can I see 'em? Pretty please! :)

  2. dang an oscar dress in a recession, well im certain u will look great in it ps let me kow if u like my store thought amnesty


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