and then she was gone

it's uncanny how fast time seems to fly by when you need it to move as slow as possible.

one of my best buds flew in from kansas city and was gone in the blink of an eye. i feel like it was a dream she was even here in the first place.

i tried desperately to keep her visit as normal and chill as possible so we'd have goobers of time to sit and soak up our time to play and it STILL flew by in a flash. now i'm sitting here laughing because the minute she left life went back to my normal ho hum...i had to do laundry, my head shots came in the mail, i got a bracelet replaced...i'm printing out questions to ask gina prince-bythewood at a special viewing of 'the secret life of bees'. i wish i could share this kind of stuff with j...i wish we still lived 10 minutes apart like we did as kids...i wish we had the luxury of taking our proximity for granted...but takes serious cash and a rather large airplane to make any kind of magic happen.

is there some secret law of time i'm missin' here? why do the really fun times do that? while my boring days at work drag on and on...and on...

the mysteries of life and fun. sigh...

any one have a cure for the best bud blues?


  1. Someone has to have a cure...right???

    They need to perfect teleportation. lol.

  2. I hear you girl... In fact, about the same special bud! Maybe we should both give up our jobs and try to build a teleporter or something? If two Picses can't do it, who can?!

  3. pisces can sure dream it up that's for sure!


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