winds of yesterday

today was such a calm was void of stress...slow... exactly what i needed considering today was the day that forces you to look at the past and remember.

i wrote my college roommates this morning and told them i was thinking about them. they were the girls that sat with me and talked all night long the day the attacks happened...we remembered where we were...i could remember who all i called and emailed that day...what i said, how i was feeling...all the tears of confusion i cried. we made sure to tell each other how much we loved

such a sad book marker we all possess.

i was walking to my work cafeteria and i felt this cold breeze that instantly took me back in time. a bunch of past memories involving feeling the first breezes of fall came rushing back at me, childhood, teen years all came rushing back and i started to tear up. those memories, good and bad, are what keep me grounded. they remind me how far i've come, how rich, how topsy turvey my life has been...all of which has made me the crazy person i am.

this weekend i head to san of infinite cooler breezes (at least in comparison to los angeles). the winds of change are blowin' once again.


  1. life and appreciation should keep us all grounded have a great weekend


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