two geeks in a bubble

did you ever hear the joke about the two geeks in a bubble? probably not cuz there isn't it's just how i'd describe b (aka wifey) and i when we hang out. yes my friends...i have taken a wifey. why i never called her that before i know not but that she is.

so yeah...we're geeks and we exist in a bubble when you get us in the same room together.

i swear up and down the two of us should have a reality tv show...we're just not normal i say and i LIVE for that ish! i think everyone should have a friend that can make any place consistently great. it doesn't matter where we go or who we're hanging out with we just plop our sweet selves in our bubble and go to town and it's addictive as heck!

yesterday we went to cost plus to look for some candles and stuff and i just walked up to her and started trying to shimmy wiggle like the folks on dancing with the stars when they do the mambo. a man beside us started busting out did i mention we're not shy with our geekness? i share this same bubble phenomenon with the other best friend j...i would love to measure our geek meter levels when we're all in the same room together...which funny enough could be measured soon being j is coming to cali this friday!

what what!? yes! triple the kiwi power folks. we're about to set it off!

my girls make me so happy. those without hard core girlfriends are shaking their heads right now lol. they're thinking girls shouldn't come first...boyfriends, husbands, yadda yadda but the beauty of a great girlfriend and/or wifey is they fill those spots in your heart that guys just can't really squeeze into. we always need a friend to decipher men's martian behaviors...need someone to relate to our girlie ways and hold our hands in chick flicks because they know instinctively when we're going to lose it...someone that gets all of it without explanations or head scratches.

yesterday b and i battled crappy waitors, rude movie watchers and seeing the actor guy that lied to me about being married lol...and we still fell asleep laughing our butts's like charlotte said in an episode of sex and the city...girls are the soul mates and guys are just the great folks that may or may not come into the picture. (when they do they join in on the wedding dance like j's husband did to us at their wedding.)

i LIVE for adventures in the bubble. i hope you my darling blog friends have bubble friends too :)


  1. Awww, I love this! And yes, the best kinds of friends are ones that make you happy no matter where you are and what you're doing. Love the title wifey, too. lol.

    Can't wait to join the fun!!!


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