sweat does a body good

while writing is usually my therapy of choice, it wasn't doing a dang thing for me yesterday...as you could probably tell.

as soon as i hit the post tab i through on some work out clothes and went out to run my butt off...and it felt good. the more i sweat, the less angry i felt. i ran for a good 10 minutes hard core on the treadmill before even realizing i had been running...and then walked my butt off for another half hour...did some crunches on a ball...drenched myself out of my funk. ahhhh

decided sweat rocked and got up early this morning to do it again. i about killed myself up in runyan canyon, this uber crazy trail in the hollywood hills. my girl e pushed me to the levels of insanity and i felt better for it. after we dined at a cute little breakfast nook on sunset called aroma, went and watched "dark knight" (ole girl still hadn't seen it yet!) bought some frames for my room and her new place, i called it a good day : )

now i'm watching football (go colts!) and feeling like i'm gonna sleep pretty darn nice tonight.

please remind me of this euphoric splendor the next time i try to talk myself out of sweat time.


  1. thank you.

    Im taking your SWEAT ROCKS sentiment and running with it (pun intended) this morning.

  2. Oh, I'm never going to let you forget this high -- NEVA! mwahahahaha! :)


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