some hard kiwi power

back in the day i was a fitness nut. i rocked the four pack, ran 3 miles a day and was an overall happy person (all those endorphins and all) but college came and went and i found a new love in the form of chocolate (used to hate the stuff) which brings me to the tish of today.

i have what some would call "chronic laziness"...and when i get sad or upset about anything i immediately eat because i figure why not mess up one more "asspect" of my life. : ) i'm kind of over the feeling gross, huffin up stairs, hand me another brownie mentality though. i think finding some kind of physical outlet, even though i rocked it out back in the day, will prove quite hard for me though since i'm the most creative lazy person ever BUT kiwi power always prevails and this morning was a perfect example of that mess.

i wanted to hike this weekend but my weekend guest wasn't too down for such shenanigans so i waited for her butt to leave and made plans with my lazy self that if i were to wake up early (like i usually do) i had to go hiking. so this morning, like clockwork, i woke up at 6:30 am.

i grabbed a protein shake (thank GOD!), my camera (i was feeling artistic) and my ipod and headed out.

it all started out just fine and dandy. i knew the hike would kill me a little bit since i haven't walked its paths since november but kiwi power popped up in the most unusual way and made sure i had the work out from hell. so i had my damn camera...and was snappin, snap snappin away. did my picture thing and then decided i'd run the last stretch of the hike...had some great music going (missy elliott's "sock it to me" is the perfect work out tune by the way) down to the end of the hike...started to enjoy the residential neighborhood...reached in my hoodie's pocket for some kleenex and realized my camera case (with car key) was no longer there...GULP.

i almost went into hysterics. here i am sweating buckets...i've just pushed myself to my lazy butt limits and i now have to go back up the damn hill and search for this damn kiwi-colored camera power is jacked up.

i head back up the hill, wheezing and stopping because my legs feel like gumby lol...people are shaking their heads at me like i've just started the hike and am already that out of breath while others that recognized my lime green kansas t-shirt previously applaud me for going back up (yeah right)...i ask everyone that passes by and realize i'm the only person in the whole frickin universe that actually pays attention to nature as i walk...i mean why would you not notice a flippin kiwi camera case?! i round the first bend, the second, the third...start walking backwards to give my leg muscles a break and decide kiwi power has an ugly sense of humor...the things i do for the green. sigh...

i finally get to this one little flat area where people stop to look at the view and there on a lovely bench is my camera case (some lovely thoughtful person set it there for me) i jump for joy (after grabbing some agua from the fountain) and thank the big guy upstairs for sparing me the horrific act of walking back up that nasty path once more...i did about a third of it instead of the whole.

i walked back down (no more running because by now my hip bones are screaming for less switching, my toes are rubbin up against each other and blistering and my lungs are whistling) with my camera case firmly in my damn hand. :)

my second time back down the hill i saw this adorably petite woman with a full head of jet black hair walking her dog and just started cussing that someone just completing that hike could still look so pretty and put together (in chucks mind you! ouch for the feet!) then i saw her dang face...sunglasses can't hide it i'm was flippin lucy lui! i thought about being cool and just walking past without a peep but i'm not a cool chick) i smile and say "i love you"...realize this might come off as a bit awkward and scary and so follow it up with "good luck with your new tv show" to which she lights up and says "oh thank you so much"...i then pass her perfect little behind and finish out my walk alone.

kiwi power led me to work it out passed the point of exhaustion and also made it possible for me to see and speak to someone living my dream. i don't know if kiwi power can punish or if that's supposed to be a wake up call, shake, little bit of proof that i'm on the right path (figuratively speaking of course) whatever....i'll let you know what i've come up with once i've caught my breath.

happy labor day.

the trail

up hill battle begins

oh the places you will go

you've gotta be kiddin me

the fit brats that kept me pumpin

the dang up hill crap never ends

finally...down hill

my finish line

you end up in a residential neighborhood

even the rich have mice apparently...this is what i felt like at the "first" end

after the second end


all because of this little frickin kiwi case



    and hats off to phyllis wheatly on this day

  2. Lucy Lui?! Kiwi power never disappoints...just works in mysterious ways sometimes. :)

  3. Great story, Tish! So glad you found the camera! :)

  4. That's a great, inspiring little story!

  5.'re right jen and thanks kjl-icious i'm glad i found it too!

  6. everything happens for a reason... lost case so you could see and speak to Lucy Lui! Awesome! :)

  7. When I first saw that mouse, my thought was: He was exhausted from the hike too.

  8. exactly lol poor guy was tuckered out...that's all!


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