so mr olympics has turned me on to skyping...ya'll may already be on the skype tip but it's new to me and i luv it dawlings!

basically it's this cool thingamajig on the internet that allows you to talk for free to folks no matter where they are. mr olympics is in canada and we had a three way chat with another friend down in san diego. it's uncanny i say!

today's just chalk full of little thrills. my gal pal kumari is in town (think i mentioned that before) and is going to hook me up with some free acting classes next week. lol..the girl lives here for less than a week and she's already hippin me to the acting game! i'm going to introduce her to b, who has substantial knowledge of the dance world--being that she used to be married into it and we'll have a ball. i think we'll get pizza. when i first moved to la an acting bud friend jeff took me out for coffee and paid...gave me some ins and outs and sent me along my way. it's time to pay it forward. : )

so yeah...skyping with a guy that makes my cheeks hurt and good buds coming to la on a permanent basis made for a pretty darn good day.

(plus j is coming to visit with her hubby soon...) just doesn't get any betta


  1. p.s. You guys are like Tolle and Oprah!!!

  2. Ah! Give my love to Kumari! She's moving to LA? You all (u, K, b) need to make a Sactown trip sooner not later!


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