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Call it disloyalty but I’ve never been down for an artist to the point where I’d buy every album just cuz…none. Not one…accept for nina simone. The woman’s voice enchants me like no other so you can imagine the hearts that bubbled up from my head when I saw starbucks had released some of her music. Sigh…

I’ve been listening to “I want a little sugar in my bowel” on loop. It’ll be the mischievous undercurrent of my mood today.

It’s Monday and I’ve already had my coffee for the day to make sure I don’t crash and burn. Monday’s are rocky but today I’m dealing with grief and sadness. My kiwi power is doing some weird stuff. I can’t find my green day planner that is my world…and I picked up my green prosperity bracelet this morning and it broke in my hands…jade pieces went every where. My lip trembled, my heat bled.

What does it all mean man?!

Why didn’t our parents warn us that life in general was dismal and blah? That office jobs involving cubicles are the devil in spatial architectural form? That you ain’t got a thing if you don’t have that swing (I don’t have the swing dang it!) why!?.......


  1. hmmm...does kiwi power ever need a break? Some time off? A vacation? It better rest up, cause I'm coming to LA soon and the kiwi world better be alive!!!


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