saturday in san diego

dating chronicles part 2 are about to commence but first, a message from your sponsor.

i just read my girlie friend vikk's blog and my darling friend is pregnant and is glowing. does anyone else just feel like the world's a better place because of women in their early pregnancies? (the end usually means waddling and uncomfortable pangs of pain but i digress) something about seeing her just made my morning...and i've been watching great football!

funny i bring up pregnancy because this is a dating post...usually pregnancy talk shouldn't find it's way into such discussions but i'm wild and crazy like that so it's all good. 

so i'm in san diego on a date for the weekend lol. you have weekend dates when the guy is long distance. i'm visiting mr olympics and we're having a hootin' good time chillin, watching football, laughing at the guy who just threw up bile because he was hit so's nice and lovely. it's so weird but i feel that lately i've tried to find myself in the guys i date...having a hard time with that one my friends. so different...have NO idea what i need, should look for. like christina from woody allen's movie, "i don't know what i want...i just know what i don't want". lol...sigh. maybe i should let my friends pick for me. hmmm...that could be a fun game.

i've been single for a substantial time and now dating is starting back up again. the coming year should be really interesting...plenty of entertainment for ya'll that are hunkered down with spouses. lol...blogs don't help with game at all by the way. 

details aside, tishy's dating again!!! ahhh


  1. Go get your date on. And if I'm picking a man for you, I pick a nerd. I nerd with dreads (that last bit is for you). hehe.


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